Serial armed robbery suspects arrested after a brief chase

A witness to an armed robbery breaks down what happened before they were able to help police track down and arrest the suspects.
Published: Nov. 16, 2023 at 6:30 PM EST
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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - LMPD arrested two suspects they say are connected to a string of armed robberies around Louisville in the past week.

Their run came to a sudden stop when they were caught robbing an O’Reilly’s near West Buechel.

Police arrested 22 year-old Chelsea Taylor and 30 year-old Quinton Dunn after they were accused of robbing seven different stores in less than a week.

A witness of the pair’s last armed robbery attempt at an O’Reilly’s says he was able to help catch one of the suspects.

“It was unexpected but I’m not surprised,” said Townes Good.

That’s how Good says he would describe witnessing a robbery Wednesday afternoon at O’Reilly’s on Bardstown Road near West Buechel.

Good says he was in the store trying to get paint for his new car.

“We were looking at my new car and we were coming around to go inside and right how she just did, right now is when it would’ve happened. So that quick,” explained Good.

Good says a worker was helping him find the paint he needed and the next thing he knew he was almost face to face with a masked armed robber who was making his way to the cash registers.

“The worker, she starts getting low to the ground and I thought she was trying to get something from the lower cabinet or whatever and then she gets on the ground and I’m thinking okay something medical and then I look around and everyone’s on the ground,” Good said.

The robbery happened in a matter of seconds but minutes later an off duty LMPD officer arrived at the store and chased the robber who was later identified as Quinton Dunn.

Good says he joined in on the chase and a trail of cash helped them find Dunn.

“So you guys found the cash right over here on the ground,” WAVE News Reporter Brandon Spencer asked.

“Right” Good says.

“And from there you guys followed the trail back into this wooded area?” Spencer asked.

“Yes, back into this wooded area and what I hear he had some sort of back-up ride or something,” shared Good.

After a brief chase, police say they arrested Dunn and his getaway driver Chelsea Taylor.

From there, LMPD said they were able to connect the two to six other armed robberies including two other O’Reilly stores, a Thorntons Oil on Bardstown Road, Caps Food Mart on South Shelby Street, Jimmy’s Corner Market on South First Street and a Circle K on Portland Avenue.

The serial robbery suspects are now in custody and Good feels the experience has him considering a career change.

“I asked the cops if they were hiring. I got in the moment and I thought it was pretty fun,” Good said.

After looking into Dunn’s history, WAVE News was able to find that he has been arrested for robberies before in the past but was bonded out with $100,000 full cash.

As of Thursday, Dunn is in the hospital being treated for self-inflicted injuries after running from police and he is expected to be booked after he’s released.

Both Taylor and Dunn are being charged with robbery in the first degree and are scheduled to be in court Friday.