Clark County Court releases 661 pages related to former Sheriff Jamey Noel’s case

The Clark County court released 661 pages from the case against form Clark County Sheriff Jamey Noel.
Published: Nov. 16, 2023 at 11:50 PM EST
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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - The Clark County court released 661 pages from the case against form Clark County Sheriff Jamey Noel.

We now know exactly what they found when police raided his home and businesses.

Sparks and smoke filled the air in August as firefighters cut open two safes found in the former Sheriff’s home.

At the time we could only get a glimpse of what was inside, some cash and boxes.

But now we know the contents.

In one safe they found nearly two thousand dollars. But what’s a safe to a bedroom dresser?

Because that’s where they found nearly $52,000. In the drawer of the master bedroom dresser.

But that’s not all.

They found $6,000 in his car.

Speaking of cars, state police seized a lot of them. Not one, not two, and not even three, but more than 20. And that’s just from one location.

“The first three counts are level five felonies with a range of imprisonment 1 year to 6 years with the advisory sentence of three years,” the judge said at Noel’s court hearing last week.

Noel is charged with five felonies and 15 total charges related to theft, corrupt business influence, ghost employment and more.

And prosecutors said more could be coming.

“We’re unsure when that will be completed and what results and what happens after that may take us in a new direction and may provided additional insight to some of the things that were going on,” said special prosecutor Richard Hertel.

One of the things prosecutors are looking into is the business dealings of Kenny Hughbanks.

Hughbanks is the chair of the Scott County Republican Party, and is a former Clark County Major.

He was a subject of a WAVE troubleshooter investigation in October 2022.

Hughbanks and another employee made a trip down to South Carolina posing as newspaper reporters claiming they were doing opposition research against the democrat candidate for Clark County Sheriff.

It was never proven that Noel, who was the Sheriff and the chair of the Clark County Republican party at the time, paid the men to make the trip.

And now prosecutors are looking into his past.

We’re still going through everything, and as soon as we find more important details, we’ll bring them to you.