Dawne Gee

Dawne Gee

Dawne Gee joined WAVE 3 News in August 1994 and anchors WAVE 3 News at  5:30, 7 and 7:30 p.m. She also hosts WAVE Country with Dawne Gee. The 30-minute program, which airs weekdays at 12 p.m., profiles people making a difference in our community and highlights events of interest happening in the area. It also features local restaurants, fashions, current events, authors and newsmakers.

As a WAVE 3 News personality, Dawne hosted WAVE 3 Listens for four years. Dawne also has distinguished herself with the production of the WAVE 3 Step Awards which aired its first live broadcast in February 1997.

Dawne is active in the community, serving on the Brain Injury Association of Kentucky Board. She also is an alumnae of the University of Louisville.

Dawne also donates her time to the following organizations:

Spina Bifida Association

American Cancer Society

Multiple Sclerosis Society

American Lung Association

Lupus Foundation of America

Community Health Charities

St. Baldrick's Foundation

GuardiaCare Advisory Council

Indian Summer Camp (Collects pull tabs to help children with cancer go to camp at no charge)

She also lends a hand to any other group that needs help.

As a native of Louisville, Dawne holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in communications and a Bachelor of Arts degree in biology, both from the University of Louisville. She has two sons, Eric and Alexander, and a daughter, Brittney.

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