Pass the Cash

  A Pass the Cash of a different kind: A Recipe to End Hunger

As always, WAVE Country has its saints and soldiers ready and working.

  A Pass the Cash of a different kind: A Recipe to End Hunger

As always, WAVE Country has its saints and soldiers ready and working.

  Pass The Cash: Woman who received foot brace has 'no more pain'

Sometimes with our weekly Pass The Cash segments, we like to catch up with folks we've tried to help, allowing us -- and them -- to count our blessings together

  Pass the Cash: Jefferson Co. family gets help caring for premature son

Baby Xavier was born without an eye and has renal failure and heart trouble.

  Pass the Cash: Woman planning her own funeral while battling cancer

Britnee is no longer working and is determined to pay off her funeral before the time comes.

  Pass the Cash: Family helped after man loses battle with cancer

WAVE 3 News did not get to pass the cash to the couple before he died.

  Pass the Cash: Mt. Washington family fights for their child's life

A family is trying to make ends meet while their baby boy fights childhood cancer.

  Pass the Cash: Struggling family facing financial hardship gets help

Karen's teeth and Brian's heart problems are not the only problems the couple is facing.

  Pass the Cash: Helping the family of boy with a brain AVM

Owen suffered a medical emergency in November of last year and he's been in the hospital and rehab ever since.

  Pass the Cash: Trimble County man gets help after New Year's Eve tragedy

Sheldon, 24, was hit by a driver on New Year's Eve who pinned him between his truck and a car.

  Pass the Cash: Major support for Mt. Washington boy with muscular dystrophy

There were lots of tears and disbelief for Hunter and his mom as they received a brand new handicap-accessible van.

  Pass the Cash: Young family gets help with child's medical bills

One-year-old Maverick battles scoliosis, brittle bone disease, and gastroparesis.

  Pass the Cash: Mom, teacher and student advocate gets some help

This Wednesday as we pass the cash we head to Clark County to spread not only a little cash but some Christmas cheer too.

  Pass the Cash: Mother of terminally ill woman gets help during the holidays

Audrey's daughter is only 41-years-old, but diabetes has wreaked havoc on her body, causing life-threatening complications. Now her family is getting some help.

  Pass the Cash: Young mom Brittany Luckett gets help with medical bills

Brittany Luckett was first diagnosed with breast cancer while she was pregnant.

  Pass the Cash: Helping a family pay for the funeral of a 31-year-old mom of 2

Samantha's family is working to plan her funeral and find a way to make it through the grief of losing the 31-year-old mom of two.

  Pass The Cash: Helping a family get to UCLA for experimental treatment

Haley almost lost her life November 30, 2015. Now, she's been accepted into a clinical trial at UCLA.

  Pass the Cash: Friends help purchase handicapped accessible van for mother who carries son on her back

As a complete surprise to mom Kim, local organizations came together to help get her a van for her son Hunter.

  Pass The Cash: Isaacs and Isaacs work family takes care of their own

After getting sick in February, Dave hasn't been to work in the last 9 months. His work family decided to help him out a bit.

  Pass the Cash: WAVE Country helps family get handicapped van for child with Duchenne's Muscular Dystrophy

Hunter's mom Kim has to carry him on her back when transferring him from the house to the car or vice versa.

  Pass the Cash: Woman fights for life after surprise kidney failure

Courtney's facing some hard times after her kidneys failed. Due to missing work, she lost her job.

  Pass the Cash: Census worker gets help after being beaten, robbed

Co-workers came to the aid of a Jeffersonville census worker who was beaten and robbed getting off a city bus.

  Pass The Cash: Two women receive help from caring friends

This week, WAVE 3 News was able to pass much money, we were able to do something we've never done before in a situation we've never had.

  Pass the Cash: WAVE Country helps family support 3-month-old with neuroblastoma

The family is facing financial, mental, emotional and physical tough times like never before as Isabella fights for her life in the Norton Children's hospital.

  Pass The Cash: Man with large medical bills gets a little help

In this Pass The Cash, we meet a family who has always been on the helping end, not needing help. Until they too faced a life-changing event.

  Pass The Cash: WAVE Country helps family purchase new prosthesis

In this week's Pass The Cash, a little girl who lost her leg to cancer, gets a little normalcy, with a new prosthesis.

  Pass The Cash: Friends help Scott County woman with much needed home repairs

Fixing things that go wrong on a fixed income can be a huge struggle

  Pass The Cash: Driver passes the cash to her passenger who's going through a rough patch

This weeks Pass The Cash was a little different than most weeks.

  Pass the Cash: Young Jeffersonville couple helped by weekly WAVE 3 News segment

The young Jeffersonville couple has been down on their luck lately and just needed a little help.