Pass the Cash

  Pass The Cash: Man with large medical bills gets a little help

In this Pass The Cash, we meet a family who has always been on the helping end, not needing help. Until they too faced a life-changing event.

  Pass The Cash: WAVE Country helps family purchase new prosthesis

In this week's Pass The Cash, a little girl who lost her leg to cancer, gets a little normalcy, with a new prosthesis.

  Pass The Cash: Friends help Scott County woman with much needed home repairs

Fixing things that go wrong on a fixed income can be a huge struggle

  Pass The Cash: Driver passes the cash to her passenger who's going through a rough patch

This weeks Pass The Cash was a little different than most weeks.

  Pass the Cash: Young Jeffersonville couple helped by weekly WAVE 3 News segment

The young Jeffersonville couple has been down on their luck lately and just needed a little help.

  Pass the Cash: Louisville grandmother working multiple jobs as grandchildren’s sole provider

Marietta cares for her four grandchildren whose father passed away and mother isn't in the picture. But she's struggling to make ends meet.

  Pass the Cash: Helping a childhood friend get back on his feet

Lyn’s childhood friend, Bobby, is in the middle of a home repair nightmare.

  Pass the Cash: A childhood friend needed a helping hand

Lyn Passed the Cash to her childhood friend who is in the middle of a home repair nightmare.

  Pass the Cash: Man helps new friend caring for recovering partner avoid eviction

Cherish informed Henry that not only was her partner Ray fighting to regain his life, he was also fighting to keep their home. The couple received an eviction notice not long after Ray became unable to work.

  Pass the Cash: Family friends help injured dad and his 3 daughters

For four weeks Shane has been under medical care, unable to work.

  Pass the Cash: Co-workers step up to help Louisville woman travel for heart surgery

Sharon went into heart failure and the care she required at times was far from home.

  Pass the Cash: Community makes good on AC gift for Highview firefighter

Mike Henson was promised a brand new air conditioner by Bowman's Heating and Cooling, who made good on the service promise.

  Pass the Cash: Company follows through with air conditioning gift to cancer-stricken Highview firefighter

The 20-year Highview Fire veteran was promised a new air conditioner by Bowman's Heating and Cooling - and they made good on the commitment.

  PASS THE CASH: $3,000, new air conditioner gifted to Highview firefighter battling stage 4 cancer

In addition to his health struggles, Mike Henson’s home was also without air conditioning.

  Pass the Cash: Young father battling cancer for a second time

James has lost a kidney and a leg - and he's doing everything not to lose his family.

  Pass the Cash: Bullitt Co. community bands together to help struggling mother

In a first, the cash was passed through multiple people before reaching its recipient - Crystal.

  Pass the Cash: Man receives help from co-worker following quadruple bypass surgery

Shawn's co-worker Regina said he’s been having trouble with his blood pressure and heart for around a year.

  Pass the Cash: Woman rebuilding after Easter house fire with no insurance help

Belinda lost her home in a fire - but seeing as her insurance has lapsed, she won't have any financial help rebuilding.

  Pass the Cash: Belinda loses home in Easter fire

Ms. Belinda lost her home in a fire on Easter Sunday.

  Pass the Cash: Longtime Circle K employee battles stage 4 cancer

Cathy worked at Circle K until she just couldn’t work anymore - not by choice but by circumstance.

  Pass the Cash: Neighbor reaches out to family in need

You don’t have to know people very long to care about them, especially when you see they may need a little care.

  Pass the Cash: WAVE Country woman receives double lung transplant, needs new vehicle

Each week on WAVE 3 News, we help someone in the community who's in need. This week, it was Tracy, who just underwent a double lung transplant.

  Pass the Cash: Single mother needs help to get new accessible van

Julie gives absolutely all that she has to her boys, who have Lowe syndrome. Their situation is critical and rare.

  Pass the Cash: Grandmother, victim of theft blessed by co-workers

Darlene raises her three grandsons on her own. Co-workers say she's always positive, but they know she needed some help.

  Pass the Cash: Family of child with spina bifida gets money for handicap-accessible room

Kaylee has been in a wheelchair for years, and as she gets older, she needs her own handicap-accessible room in her family's home.

  Pass the Cash: New Albany family fighting to keep daughter alive

In this week's Pass the Cash, Dawne Gee heads across the bridge to New Albany to Pass the Cash to a family that has a pretty tough road to travel.

  Pass the Cash: Walmart employee receives help in midst of car, housing issues

Even when Ms. Kathy's car doesn't work, she does.

  Pass the Cash: Veteran gets help to make a house a home

Bob's mother's home needed major repairs, and he did the best he could with the savings he had to keep them from becoming homeless. But so much more needs to be done.

  Pass the Cash: Veteran gets help to make a house a home

Bob had done everything he was able to do to make his house a home sweet home. Even prayer.