Why you should wait to get tested for coronavirus

Hospitals expect an influx in patients during the winter months because of flu season. But there’s an uncertainty heading into the end of 2020 since many symptoms are similar to coronavirus.

COVID-19 Tracker: Check out the latest on test results around the country

  US regulators seek advice on thorny issues as vaccines near

  Southwest to resume selling every seat on flights

Beshear on COVID: ‘We can’t continue having more than 1,000 cases every day'

  Europe faces more curfews, restrictions as virus cases swell

  What it’s like to lose sense of smell, taste due to COVID

2,880 new COVID-19 related cases, 42 new deaths reported in Indiana

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  Middle schooler threatened with arrest for missing less than 2 hours of virtual class

  Indiana to deploy National Guard to help long-term care facilities with COVID-19 surge

  CDC survey shows spike in mental health issues among Americans due to COVID pandemic

  Louisville hospitals ready for COVID-19 spike, increased hospitalizations

Volunteer in AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine trial dies in Brazil

Gov. Beshear confirms second-highest number of new COVID cases and deaths in Ky.

  CDC redefines COVID-19 close contact, adds brief encounters

The CDC advises anyone who has been in close contact with a COVID-19 patient to quarantine for two weeks.

  Virus spikes have officials looking to shore up hospitals

Hospitals around the United States are starting to buckle from a resurgence of COVID-19 cases, with several states setting records for the number of people hospitalized and leaders scrambling to find extra beds and staff.

  Next up in hunt for COVID-19 vaccine: Testing shots in kids

Multiple vaccine candidates are in final-stage studies in tens of thousands of adults, and scientists are hopeful that the next few months will bring evidence that at least some of them are safe and effective enough for widespread use.

9 low-cost ways to make virtual learning easier for kids

These items, all under $15, can help make distance learning more appealing to even the youngest learners.

  Deadline looms, but COVID relief deal may be far off

  Blood from sickest COVID-19 patients makes best plasma therapy treatment

Indiana governor faces debate challenges over virus actions

  Study says passengers at low risk of catching COVID-19 on a flight

  California will allow fans at pro sports but not Disneyland

  Gov. Beshear: ‘We have begun state surge preparations again,' 1,312 new COVID cases Tuesday

  Kentucky parents anxious and hopeful about rising COVID-19 cases

It’s an exciting time for families in several school districts, but it also can be a little nerve-wracking as cases of COVID-19 are on the rise in the Commonwealth.

  Leaders in US, Europe divided on response to surging virus

New virus cases in the U.S. have surged in recent weeks from a daily average of about 42,000 in early October to about 58,000 — the highest level since late July.

Older workers face higher unemployment amid virus pandemic

For the first time in nearly 50 years, older workers face higher unemployment than their midcareer worker counterparts, according to a study released Tuesday by the New School university in New York City.

Pfizer: Mid-November earliest it can seek virus vaccine OK

Scientists have been cautioning that it’s unlikely data showing a leading shot actually works would come until November or December.

  UK to infect healthy volunteers in vaccine research trial

Imperial College London says the study involves healthy volunteers aged 18 to 30.

  CDC: ‘Strong recommendation’ but no rule for masks on planes

The CDC says masks should be worn by all passengers and workers on planes, ferries, trains, subways, buses, taxis and ride-sharing vehicles. That includes in airports and at subway and bus stations.

  AP-NORC/USAFacts poll: US trust in COVID-19 information down

Experts in health, science and political communication said they see three reasons for the drop in trust: fear, politics and the public watching science messily forming in real time.

  Target announces new round of bonuses for employees amid pandemic

Target is planning to pay out $70 million in bonuses to workers as the retail giant moves into the busy holiday shopping season.

  California won’t allow virus vaccines without state approval

The governor said the state wants its own independent review no matter who wins the presidential election next month.

  Mask mandate extended in Floyd County until Dec. 31, may be extended again

Floyd County is extending its face covering mandate.

  What you need to know about herd immunity

Up to this point, more than 200,000 people have died in the United States and not even 10% of the population has been infected.

  COVID-19 vaccine distribution dependent on multiple factors

The planned timeline for a COVID-19 vaccine distribution for everyone in Kentucky is about a year, once it comes around.

  Pandemic fatigue could lead to increased coronavirus cases

To celebrate the fall season, Emily Morris drove to a local winery with her friends on Saturday. But the crowds convinced her to stay in the car.

  JCPS sports in jeopardy as COVID-19 cases rise in Jefferson County

JCPS Superintendent Dr. Marty Pollio announced school sports could be at risk of suspension as Jefferson County enters the “red zone” for COVID-19 cases.

  Pfizer: Mid-November earliest it can seek virus vaccine OK

The vaccine made by Pfizer and its German partner BioNTech are among several leading candidates in final testing.

Gov. Beshear says Kentucky in a ‘third escalation’ of COVID cases, 647 new cases Monday

The briefing started off with the governor speaking on the recent uptick of cases in the state and dealing with a third escalation in positives.

  CVS Health to hire 15,000 workers ahead of flu season

The company needs help administering COVID-19 tests and flu shots.

  Confirmed COVID-19 cases worldwide passes 40 million; new strategies target hot spots

Authorities are trying to avoid a dreaded resurgence of illness and deaths, this time with economies weakened from earlier lockdowns and populations chafing at the idea of renewed restrictions.

  China’s economy accelerates as virus recovery gains strength

China’s shaky economic recovery from the coronavirus pandemic is gaining strength as consumers return to shopping malls and auto dealerships while the United States and Europe endure painful contractions.

  Millions more virus rapid tests, but are results reported?

After struggling to ramp up coronavirus testing, the U.S. can now screen several million people daily, thanks to a growing supply of rapid tests. But the boom comes with a new challenge: keeping track of the results.

Gov. Beshear: 812 new cases of COVID-19 Sunday, 5 new deaths

Sunday’s report confirmed 812 new cases of COVID in the commonwealth.

Indiana State Department of Health Sunday update: 1,629 new cases, 19 new deaths

The health department confirmed 1,629 new positive cases in Indiana Sunday.

  Hard hit by virus, airlines push for tests over quarantines

International air traffic is down 92% this year as travelers worry about catching COVID-19 and government travel bans and quarantine rules make planning difficult.

  Nurse working to slow COVID-19 spread in west end

Louisville's west end has nearly three times the positivity rate as the rest of the city.

Florida Gators head coach Dan Mullen tests positive for COVID-19

University of Florida head football coach Dan Mullen said in a statement on Twitter Saturday that he tested positive for COVID-19.

Rural Midwest hospitals struggling to handle virus surge

Rural Jerauld County in South Dakota didn’t see a single case of the coronavirus for more than two months stretching from June to August. But over the last two weeks, its rate of new cases per person soared to one of the highest in the nation.

Gov. Beshear: Fourth highest day of positives reported with 1,295 new COVID cases

Saturday’s report confirmed 1,295 new cases of COVID-19 in the commonwealth.

Kentucky Department for Public Health announces COVID-19 vaccine distribution draft plan

The Kentucky Department of Public Health announced Friday a first draft plan for distributing the COVID-19 vaccine to local health departments and organizations.

Indiana reports new record on single-day COVID cases for third consecutive day

Saturday’s report confirmed 2,521 new cases of COVID-19 in the state of Indiana, according to the ISDH.

  Halloween’s heading this way: What’s the latest safety tips, tricks and favorite treats?

If you are passing out candy or going trick-or-treating, there is some advice to make sure you stay safe amid the COVID pandemic.

  Ballard student home after battling serious illness connected to COVID-19

“Be aware that if your kid spikes this fever out of nowhere, starts having this bizarre rash, or they’re vomiting,” Janelle Bardon warned.

  New COVID-19 oral rinse may be good option for kids, seniors

A new COVID-19 test currently being used for film crews that have to be tested consistently will be available at some Louisville sites next week.

  School attendance drops during coronavirus pandemic

Jefferson County Public Schools announced students will continue with Non-Traditional Learning (NTI), for the foreseeable future.

  Health expert offers safe Halloween suggestions amid pandemic

Those at Norton Healthcare acknowledge things are going to be different this year because of the ongoing pandemic, but they say families can still have fun.

  JCPS superintendent says COVID-19 spike to blame for NTI expansion

Dr. Marty Pollio told reporters Jefferson County's spiking COVID-19 case rate and positivity rate are the reasons the district will continue with online learning.

Beshear: 1,319 more COVID-19 cases in Ky.; youngest patient 7 days old

The governor continued asking Kentuckians to wear masks, socially distance, and keep gatherings small.

10,000 free flu shots, COVID tests available from UofL Health

Thousands of flu shots will be available for free.

  Broadway shutdown hurting actors, theater workers

The pandemic has turned out the lights on Broadway with no productions scheduled now until next May.

  WHO study finds remdesivir didn’t help COVID-19 patients

The World Health Organization announced the long-awaited results of a six-month trial that endeavored to see if existing drugs might have an effect on the coronavirus.

  Virus at ‘turning point’ in Europe, hitting at-risk groups

Doctors are warning that Europe is at a turning point as the coronavirus surges back across the continent, including among vulnerable people, and governments try to impose restrictions without locking whole economies down.

  JCPS delays return to in-person classes

Jefferson County Public Schools, the state’s largest district and one of America’s 30 largest districts, announced Thursday that its plan to return to in-person classes on Oct. 22 has been delayed.

  ISOLATED: States begin to allow nursing home visitors but face PPE shortages, logistical questions

Some nursing homes are beginning to allow visitors, but hundreds report to the federal government that they are experiencing staff shortages or have no protective masks in their supplies.

  People are ready to roadtrip after a year of COVID-19

More travelers are hitting the road after the near standstill of early COVID-19.

  Small gatherings leading to more COVID cases, prompting families to shrink their holiday plans

While it may seem a little extreme, doctors say families and friends having small gatherings should wear masks and stock up on the sanitizer while indoors.

  Ky. lawmaker concerned women will find it harder re-enter post-pandemic workforce after leaving herself

The Kentucky Chamber of Commerce recently wrote an op-ed on the topic stating last month, four times as many women left the workforce as men across the country.

Aircraft ventilation systems don’t spread viruses, DOD study says

The Department of Defense research concluded aircraft ventilation systems are effective at removing COVID-19 from the air.

Beshear confirms 20 more COVID-19 deaths in the Commonwealth, 1,260 new cases

“We can’t pretend the virus isn’t here and isn’t deadly," Beshear said.

  Europe, US reel as virus infections surge at record pace

Coronavirus cases around the world have climbed to all-time highs of more than 330,000 per day as the scourge comes storming back across Europe and spreads with renewed speed in the U.S.

  ‘Jagged Little Pill’ leads Tony Awards nominations with 15

The nominations were pulled from just 18 eligible plays and musicals, a fraction of the 34 shows the season before.

  US COVID cases surge to nearly 60K as pandemic wave builds

New cases rose in at least 35 states over the past week, while the nation averaged more than 50,000 new cases a day.

  US jobless claims rise to 898,000 with layoffs still high

The number of Americans seeking unemployment benefits rose last week by the most in two months, to 898,000, a historically high number and evidence that layoffs remain a hindrance to the economy’s recovery from the pandemic recession.

Indiana State Health Commissioner tests positive for COVID-19

Indiana State Health Commissioner Dr. Kristina Box tested positive for COVID-19.

  Doctors starting to see younger patients with severe COVID symptoms

A local doctor stresses that it’s important to continue wearing masks, washing hands, and social distancing to help slow down the virus.

  You can get coronavirus more than once

Louisville resident Yolanda Bridgewater-Ford got the coronavirus in March. She survived and is doing much better now, but the effects don’t completely go away.

  People with Type O blood may have lower risk of COVID-19 infection, severe illness

The research gives further evidence that blood type may play a role in someone’s susceptibility to infection and just how serious their illness is.

  First toilet paper, now beer cans: Consumers encounter new shortages due to COVID-19

A COVID-19 induced shortage of cans and canning supplies is putting the squeeze on gardeners and beer drinkers alike.

  Hundreds of schools not contributing to Kentucky COVID-19 dashboard

An online tool Kentucky leaders hoped would help make students safer has been available since last month, but those in power expressed frustration about it this week.

Gov. Beshear confirms 1,346 more COVID-19 cases, 7 more deaths in the Commonwealth

“There is no backlog in that. That is today’s numbers," he said.