Breonna Taylor

  State representative weighs in on efforts to impeach AG Daniel Cameron

Rep. Pamela Stevenson said she trusts the jurors’ decision to seek impeachment charges based on their experience within the grand jury trials.

  Breonna Taylor’s family speaks with political leaders at inauguration

Hankison attorney hopes to move trial out of Jefferson County

Breonna Taylor’s attorneys learn of new body camera videos the city refuses to produce

Ky. Reps. Attica Scott, Lisa Willner unveil bills to protect protesters, de-militarize police

Breonna Taylor case: Fired officer sends final email to former colleagues

Breonna Taylor case: Cosgrove, Jaynes fired by LMPD

Continued Coverage

Myles Cosgrove to fellow officers: ‘Your leaders aren’t afraid to perform hatchet jobs on you either’

New claims in Breonna Taylor case state investigating officers were following Fischer’s orders

  Joshua Jaynes’ attorney pens letter challenging LMPD chief’s intent to fire him

  LMPD interim chief intends to fire 2 officers in Breonna Taylor case; here’s what happens next

  Breonna Taylor’s mother says officer terminations just first step, still pushing for convictions

  Cosgrove’s termination letter cites ‘excessive force’

  2 more Louisville police officers involved in Breonna Taylor investigation will be fired

A second officer in the Breonna Taylor case is expected to be fired from the Louisville Metro Police Department, WAVE 3 News Troubleshooters have learned.

Breonna Taylor’s mother pens open letter to Biden

Tamika Palmer calls on Biden in the letter to prosecute the officers involved in the shooting that killed her daughter.

  BREONNA TAYLOR: New videos, audio recordings, documents reveal more from March 13th shooting

Days after Breonna Taylor’s family reinstated their promise to not stop fighting until they get justice, more documents related to the case were released.

  Neighbors’ view of chaos following Breonna Taylor killing in newly released FBI evidence

With multiple sirens wailing in the background, an alarmed neighbor near Breonna Taylor’s apartment exclaimed, ”The ****ing police just shot the **** out of somebody.”

  New evidence in Brett Hankison case shows former officer’s first exchange with Kenneth Walker

  Kentucky Alliance criticize Prosecutors Council, claim Grandmaster Jay arrest based off race

  Breonna Taylor Case: State board rejects request for special prosecutor

Resolution calling for Fischer, FoP to discuss alcohol and drug testing for officers leaves committee

Hanged officer effigy taken down from Jefferson Square

  Prominent figure in Louisville protests shot dead in carjacking, family members say

  Breonna Taylor Foundation holiday giveaway honors Taylor and local protester

In the midst of their pain, Breonna Taylor’s family members said they want to give back to their local community. It’s a community that has given consistent support in their call for justice for Taylor for nearly a year.

Charges dropped against Ky. Rep. Attica Scott, other protesters arrested in September

Judges have dropped charges against democratic State Representative Attica Scott and other protesters following an arrest back in September.

  Breonna Taylor memorial starts new roots on 8 month anniversary of her death

A local museum owner said he hopes to turn a horrifying date into a healing moment.

Breonna Taylor: Judge rules to unseal evidence in Brett Hankison’s criminal case

A judge has ruled not to seal evidence in the criminal case against a former LMPD detective involved in the deadly Breonna Taylor raid.

  Metro Council members zero in on Elliott Avenue investigation

The Government Oversight Committee pressed city officials on how Elliott Avenue came to be the focus of several different departments.

Kentucky Alliance says ‘Cold War’ has started after FOP contract approval

People leading protests in the name of Breonna Taylor addressed the leaders who voted ‘yes’ to the approval.

Breonna Taylor memorial moved to Roots 101 Museum permanently

The memorial stood for more than 160 days before it was finally moved.

Breonna Taylor memorial at Jefferson Square Park to move inside downtown museum

Kentucky Alliance announced that the current memorial will be moved out of Jefferson Square Park to a new, permanent location.

Third anonymous grand juror comes forward to ‘promote truth’ in Breonna Taylor case

A third person from the grand jury that heard the state’s investigation into the LMPD shooting death of Breonna Taylor is now coming forward.

Prosecutors file notice of exculpatory evidence in Brett Hankison case

Exculpatory evidence is defined as evidence, such as a statement, tending to excuse, justify, or absolve the alleged fault or guilt of a defendant.

Officer shot while serving warrant at Breonna Taylor’s home files counterclaim against her boyfriend

Louisville Metro Police Department Sgt. Jon Mattingly was hit in the femoral artery by Kenneth Walker during the raid.

  Breonna Taylor’s mother says Cameron is incompetent, new prosecutor needed

Tamika Palmer is asking for an independent prosecutor to re-examine her daughter’s shooting death by Louisville Metro police. She also wants a new grand jury.

  Grand jurors in Breonna Taylor speak out, say more charges should have been filed

The grand jurors say they personally found much of the officer activity the night of Taylor’s death to be criminally negligent.

  Breonna Taylor’s mother calls for new prosecutor in daughter’s case

Tamika Palmer says Attorney General Daniel Cameron lied about the grand jury proceedings.

Donations being raised for officer shot while serving warrant at Breonna Taylor’s apartment

The LMPD Foundation said it is collecting money for Sergeant Jon Mattingly and his family.

  Judge to rule on motion to keep evidence in Brett Hankison case sealed next year

The attorney general's office and Hankison's lawyer argue releasing the information could taint the case.

  Metro Council committee asks more questions about redeveloping Elliott Ave.

“We’ve heard allegations about what may or may not have happened, so our job is to find out of those allegations are true or not true,” Metro Council President David James said.

  Protesters gather outside of Attorney General’s house on 150th day of protests

Saturday marked the 150th day of Breonna Taylor protests in the city of Louisville.

Anonymous grand jurors to share experiences relating to Breonna Taylor case, according to community activist, attorney

The two jurors released a statement to the public, saying they will be sharing experiences relating to the Breonna Taylor investigation over the next few weeks.

  Grand juror disputes AG Cameron’s claim that panel was given options in Breonna Taylor case

A judge on Tuesday granted an anonymous grand juror’s request to speak publicly about the Breonna Taylor investigation.

  Judge to rule on motion to keep evidence confidential in Brett Hankison case

A motion requesting to keep the evidence against former LMPD Detective Brett Hankison away from the public’s eye was jointly filed Thursday.

  Anonymous survey asks for community input on LMPD policies

A Chicago-based, security risk management company, Hillard Heintze, has been hired to conduct a top-to-bottom review of the police department.

  Breonna Taylor family takes calls for change to New York City; thousands expected at rally

A foundation in Breonna Taylor's name broke ground in Louisville and is making its mark in New York on Saturday, and working its way across the country.

Joshua Jaynes: Detective’s attorney acknowledges Breonna Taylor search warrant was ‘inaccurate’

An attorney for embattled LMPD Det. Joshua Jaynes said information in a search warrant affidavit related to the deadly raid on Breonna Taylor’s apartment was “inaccurate.”

  Breonna Taylor’s death influences voters on first day of early voting

As early voting begins across Kentucky, Breonna Taylor’s name is not on the ballot, but it is on the minds of many voters.

  Attorney says 2nd grand juror in Breonna Taylor case wants to come forward

A judge is still deciding if she will allow the first grand juror who wants to speak to do so.

  Breonna Taylor Foundation teams up with local organizations to help get voters to the polls

There’s a major push to get people to the polls early and not wait the day of or day before election day.

  New motion filed to silence Breonna Taylor grand juror, attorney files response Sunday

The anonymous grand juror’s attorney Kevin Glogower has filed a response to a motion stopping them from speaking publicly on the Breonna Taylor case.

Hundreds gather at Tyler Park in March to Justice

A large group gathered in Tyler Park Saturday morning, with a goal to march together to Jefferson Square Park in pursuit of justice.

  Mix-up in Breonna Taylor file included wrong autopsy

Seven months after her son was killed by police, a mother finally got answers in the most unlikely of places: the Breonna Taylor case files.

McConnell on Breonna Taylor case: ‘We all regret what happened’

“It was a horrible tragedy, and we all regret what happened," the senator said.

  PIU interviews show Breonna Taylor’s shooting from neighbors’ perspective

LMPD's Public Integrity Unity interviewed several neighbors of Breonna Taylor, who discussed the investigation from their points of view.

  Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office reviewing messages from phone identified in report as Kenneth Walker’s

The Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office is now reviewing new information about Kenneth Walker that could lead to new charges unrelated to the deadly raid on Breonna Taylor’s apartment, WAVE 3 News Troubleshooters have learned.

  PIU investigators say part of warrant for Breonna Taylor’s apartment was misleading

Attorney General Daniel Cameron chose to not make the warrant a part of his case, deferring that part of the investigation to the FBI.

  Judge weighs whether to allow Breonna Taylor juror to go public about proceedings

An anonymous grand juror from the Breonna Taylor case is still fighting to go public about what happened during proceedings led by the Attorney General’s Office.

  Experts: Chaos, stress can affect the ways eyewitnesses remember a situation

Experts in different fields talked to WAVE 3 News about how stressful situations, like a shooting, can affect how people who were there remember it.

  Lawyer for Breonna Taylor’s family says warrant should not have been approved

An attorney for Breonna Taylor’s family said Thursday that false information allowed LMPD narcotics detectives to secure the search warrant they used to raid Taylor’s home the night she was shot dead.

  Breonna Taylor case: What led investigators to her apartment?

An LMPD detective explains seeing Taylor's ex-boyfriend Jamarcus Glover walk into her apartment empty-handed and come out with a package.

  ’This is their turf:’ LMPD detective describes Elliott Avenue ‘drug dealers’

A 20-year LMPD veteran said in newly-released investigative files that serving simultaneous warrants related to the same investigation is “bad business.”

  Breonna Taylor: LMPD SWAT commander calls simultaneous warrants ‘bad business’

A 20-year LMPD veteran said in newly-released investigative files that serving simultaneous warrants related to the same investigation is “bad business.”

  Mayor Fischer releases internal investigative file into Breonna Taylor case

Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer on Wednesday released LMPD’s internal investigative file on the deadly Breonna Taylor raid.

Former LMPD Chief Conrad said he was ‘surprised’ to see Hankison at hospital following shooting

Then-LMPD Chief Steve Conrad, who would be fired on June 1, was interviewed several days after the raid.

Plywood removed from Hall of Justice

Sheets of plywood were being removed Wednesday morning.

Vigil in Mankato devoted to Breonna Taylor

The gathering brought members of the MSU Black Student Union in front of MSU’s Armstrong Hall.

  New body camera video shows more from the night Breonna Taylor was shot and killed

The video was obtained by VICE News and shows body camera video from officers who responded to Taylor's home after the initial gunfire.

FBI is working ‘swiftly’ on Breonna Taylor case

A spokesperson for the FBI Louisville field office said many questions remain.

  A symbol of change: Downtown Louisville businesses remove plywood

After more than 100 days of protests in downtown Louisville, many businesses have begun removing plywood barriers in an effort to move forward.

  Breonna Taylor case: Protesters demand call to action, new prosecutor to investigate

Some people seeking justice in the Breonna Taylor investigation say the grand jury recordings, released on Friday, show just one side of the story.

  Judge gives Attorney General until Wednesday to respond to grand juror’s request

The Attorney General’s office has asked a judge for the opportunity to respond to a grand juror’s request to be able to speak publicly about the proceedings in the Breonna Taylor case.

  Game Changers asking for silence to be lifted from jurors following Breonna Taylor grand jury proceedings

People want to hear from the jury about the what happened.

LMPD Officer released from hospital after shooting following Hankison Indictment

Desroches was shot Sept. 23 following protests in the wake of indictments against Brett Hankison.

  Racial injustice organizers unhappy with presented grand jury recordings

Kentucky Alliance board members and supporters say they listened closely through the grand jury recordings and are unhappy with the testimonies and evidence presented.

’Protect Black Women’: Megan Thee Stallion calls out Ky. AG Daniel Cameron during SNL performance

Megan Thee Stallion, American rap artist and songwriter, used her debut as musical guest on SNL to make a powerful statement in support of Black lives and Black women.

New group expands effort to honor Breonna Taylor and all black women

The grouped marched to Jefferson Square park to discuss changes moving forward.

  LMPD Interim Chief Yvette Gentry talks community trust, grand jury recordings at anti-violence event

Saturday marked the third day into her new role, and already Gentry is trying to bridge the gap between the community and law enforcement.

  Breonna Taylor: Detectives’ testimony sheds new light on deadly raid

Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron’s office released more than a dozen recordings of 15 hours of grand jury testimony in the Breonna Taylor case.

  AG Cameron’s recommendation not on grand jury recordings; attorney says that’s normal

More than a dozen audio recordings of 15 hours of grand jury testimony were released Friday, covering a range of interview subjects and topics related to the deadly narcotics raid at Breonna Taylor’s apartment in March.

  Myles Cosgrove: LMPD detective describes chaos of deadly Breonna Taylor raid

One of the three Louisville Metro Police Department officers who fired their weapons during the deadly Breonna Taylor raid told investigators he thought they were going to be killed.