Breonna Taylor

  Breonna Taylor: Family looks ahead to what’s next 5 months after her death

Thursday marked five months since Breonna Taylor was shot and killed by LMPD officers in her Louisville apartment.

  Breonna Taylor’s death has prompted police reform, but family says there’s still work left to be done

  Breonna Taylor’s mother urges healing, ‘bridging the gaps’

  Kenneth Walker’s parents reflect on phone call with son the night Breonna Taylor was killed

  AG Daniel Cameron meets with Breonna Taylor’s family

Radio stations to pay tribute to Breonna Taylor

  Metro Government sues Metro Council, aims to block law enforcement leaders from testifying about civil unrest

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Oprah Winfrey says Breonna Taylor billboards organized in Louisville are her ‘form of protest’

  Community activist Neal Robertson arrested during Sunday night protest

  LMPD says it will begin enforcing foot marches and caravans in Louisville

  4th Street Live! damaged amid protest LMPD says, as downtown businesses struggle

  Attorney General’s office waiting on ballistics test in Breonna Taylor case

  Some NuLu businesses seek legal advice, others working on compromise with protesters

  ‘Good Trouble Ride’: Protesters from Atlanta travel to Louisville to demand justice for Breonna Taylor

Dozens of protesters from Atlanta traveled by bus to Louisville to demand justice for Breonna Taylor.

Breonna Taylor billboards around Louisville organized by Oprah Winfrey

The media mogul is once again getting involved in calling for action in the investigation into the death of Breonna Taylor.

  Interim LMPD chief ‘intimately’ familiar with squad investigating Breonna Taylor’s ex-boyfriend

The Place Based Investigations Squad's first case was investigating Taylor’s ex-boyfriend Jamarcus Glover who lived on Elliott Avenue.

  FBI exploring all credible leads in Breonna Taylor investigation

Local activists met with FBI representatives Tuesday to get an update on the agency’s investigation Breonna Taylor’s death.

Until Freedom: National protest group to relocate operations to Louisville

  ‘There’s the door’ -- Councilman blasts law enforcement leaders who won’t answer questions

  Grandmother of Kentucky students wants school to remove ‘Black Lives Matter’ from digital sign

  Cuban community rally in NuLu to support restaurant owner

  Television ad demanding justice for Breonna Taylor broadcast to Louisville homes

Oprah features Breonna Taylor on cover of ‘O’ magazine

Separating facts and fiction: The Breonna Taylor shooting

WAVE 3 News is committed to stopping the spread of false information in the Breonna Taylor case. Dawne Gee and a panel of guests sat down to discuss the case in-depth on WAVE 3 News at 7:30.

  A look inside life at Louisville protest hub, roles, teamwork and deep emotion

Jefferson Square Park has become the focus and home base of Louisville protests and discussions of change.

Jamon Brown’s helmet to carry Breonna Taylor’s name

The 27-year-old has taken part in several peaceful protests in Louisville that have occurred in the wake of Taylor's March 13 death.

  Attorney: Law does not keep Fischer from releasing information in Breonna Taylor case

“State law 67C imposes essentially a gag order about what I can say publicly about matters related to any kind of investigation being conducted by LMPD’s Public Integrity Unit such as an officer-involved shooting,” Fischer said Thursday.

Hunger strikers continue on as protesters become starved for justice

It’s been 135 days after Breonna Taylor died, and the hunger strikers won’t eat until the officers involved are arrested.

  Black armed group marches through Louisville telling protesters to keep demanding answers

Hundreds of people calling themselves an armed militia made their descent on Louisville Saturday. They were met with other groups who opposed them being there.

Kentucky AG Daniel Cameron issues response on Louisville protests

Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron released a response on Twitter Saturday as multiple planned protests gathered in downtown Louisville.

  Black armed militia says its only concern is justice for Breonna Taylor and comes in peace to Louisville

The Not F***** Around Coalition is making its way to Louisville on Saturday.

  Breonna Taylor case: Timeline of events 4 months after the March LMPD shooting

Exactly four months have passed since the night Breonna Taylor died in her apartment after being shot by a Louisville Metro Police officer trying to serve a warrant at her home on March 13, 2020.

Breonna Taylor: Family’s attorneys say announcement is not expected next week

Attorneys for Breonna Taylor’s family said Friday that claims about a decision on the fate of the LMPD officers involved in Taylor’s death is not expected next week.

  76 protesters arrested during NuLu demonstration

A group of demonstrators is being dispersed back by police after protesters blocked the 700 block of East Market Street in NuLu to traffic.

  ‘1,000 Miles for Breonna’: Caravan travels from Colorado to Louisville to demand justice

Kentucky Alliance co-chair Tyra Walker says the support from those thousands of miles away is more than welcome.

Lebron James calls for justice in Breonna Taylor case during postgame interview

Los Angeles Lakers star Lebron James is using the excitement of the NBA’s return to continue shedding light on social injustice in America.

  LMPD announces safety plan ahead of Black armed group action, counter protests

Police will be limiting vehicle access in parts of downtown Louisville and prohibiting parking near Jefferson Square Park on Saturday.

  Self-described armed militia group announces ‘descent’ on Louisville amid Breonna Taylor investigation

The Not F***cking Around Coalition (NFAC) expects more than 5,000 members to come to Louisville on Saturday.

  Master P: 5-time Grammy winner writes song to honor Breonna Taylor

“Say Her Name.” It’s a statement and a movement used by people across the world to bring change and support women who have been victims of violence.

  Protesters say they’ll starve until officers lose pension and jobs

The participants say they want to re-energize the protests but amplify that they’re hungry for justice.

Mayor, several city agencies met about PBI Squad 2 weeks before Breonna Taylor shooting

Two weeks before the police shooting death of Breonna Taylor, several city organizations were meeting about the development of Elliott Avenue, where Taylor’s ex-boyfriend lived, WAVE 3 News Troubleshooters have learned.

  Men recognized for protecting officer during a protest at River City FOP Back the Blue Rally

A back the blue rally is supporting officers. They say police need to hold each other accountable.

Justice for Breonna Taylor petition hits 10 million signatures, second biggest petition in website’s history

A petition calling for justice for Breonna Taylor has hit 10 million signatures on Sunday, making it the second largest petition in the website’s history.

  County Attorney dismisses felony charges stemming from protest at AG Cameron’s home

A total of 87 arrests were made when protesters occupied Cameron’s front lawn on July 14.

  Mayor Greg Fischer appears on MSNBC to talk Breonna Taylor Case

Mayor Greg Fischer says the delays in everything stem from a common problem.

  Cameron’s new neighbors say felony charges against protesters are too much

A handful of Attorney General Daniel Cameron’s new neighbors interpret the demonstrators’ actions as a peaceful way of protesting.

  Lawyers, protesters say no felony was committed on Daniel Cameron’s lawn

Karl Price is an attorney representing a group called “The 87,” made up of the 87 protesters who were arrested following a demonstration on the front lawn of the newly-purchased home of Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron.

LMPD defends felony charges following protest at Kentucky AG’s house

The Louisville Metro Police Department is defending a felony charge that was placed on more than 80 people who were taken into custody when a protest moved to the Kentucky Attorney General’s front yard.

Attorney for Breonna Taylor’s family calls changes in city letter about development project an effort to ‘clean things up’

A portion of an official City of Louisville letter about the Elliott Ave. Project mentioning a tie between the Office of Community Development and LMPD was omitted from the same letter given to Metro Council members Tuesday.

  Felony charges for Cameron protesters could be hard to prove

Eighty-seven demonstrators, taken into custody after gathering on the front lawn of Attorney General Daniel Cameron’s house, now face some of the most serious charges since the Breonna Taylor protests began.

  Porsha Williams of ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ arrested during Breonna Taylor protest in Louisville

“Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Porsha Williams was arrested while protesting for Breonna Taylor outside of Attorney General Daniel Cameron’s home.

  Families wait for nearly 90 protesters to get released from jail

From local supporters to reality stars, nearly 90 people were arrested for protesting in the front yard of Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron’s newly-purchased home Tuesday afternoon.

Kenny Stills, NFL wide receiver, arrested during Breonna Taylor protest in Louisville

NFL player Kenny Stills was among dozens of people arrested during protests at Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron’s home Tuesday.

Attorney says Hankison wants appeal hearing after criminal investigation is complete

The former Louisville Metro Police Department officer who was fired following the shooting death of Breonna Taylor delayed a hearing to get his job back.

  Metro Council committee passes order to investigate Mayor Fischer administration

A Metro Council committee will now be investigating Mayor Fischer and his administration following the deaths of Breonna Taylor and David McAtee.

87 people arrested during protest at Kentucky attorney general’s home

Demonstrators gathered outside Attorney General Daniel Cameron's home to continue protests sparked by the fatal shooting of Breonna Taylor by LMPD officers.

  New documents confirm city was working with LMPD on Elliott Avenue Project

New documents obtained by WAVE 3 News Troubleshooters confirm the City’s Office of Community Development was working with LMPD on Elliott Avenue, the place where Breonna Taylor’s ex-boyfriend lived.

  Protester training: Grassroots group converges on Louisville amid Breonna Taylor demonstrations

Led by its founder, a national protest group is in Louisville this week to support the movement in support of Breonna Taylor.

Breonna Taylor protests continue 4 months after her death

At least 100 protesters took to the streets of downtown Louisville on Monday morning to demand justice in the death investigation of Breonna Taylor.

  LouCity players kneel during anthem supporting Black Lives Matter at first game in new stadium

The season was off to a unique start with pandemic guidelines and protesters showing up at the first game.

Kentucky Attorney General asks public to ‘be patient’ in Taylor investigation

Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron answered questions about the investigation Monday following the post primary election audit drawing.

  Local Revolutionary Black Panther Chapter responds to armed Protest in Louisville

The leader of the local Louisville chapter says the man behind today's march is a fraud.

  ‘Outta the Bars, Into the Streets’: Members of Louisville’s music scene march in support of Black lives

The two mile marched ended with a jam session at Jefferson Square Park

  ‘Heads up, phones out’: Independent journalists, supporters march on LMPD headquarters

Supporters of Louisville’s independent journalists and “live streamers” came together Friday at Jefferson Square Park.

  Protesters ‘black out’ Jefferson Square Park, march to mural in West Louisville

Protesters dressed in all black gathered in downtown Louisville at Jefferson Square park around 6 p.m. Friday evening with an agenda of unity.

  Breonna Taylor’s family attorney accuses LMPD of cover-up

Benjamin Crump says the recording of one officer being interviewed by the department’s Public Integrity Unit shows evidence of a cover-up.

  Louisville Metro Council members demand release of documents in Breonna Taylor case, including Vision Russell Plan

Eight members of the Louisville Metro Council are demanding Mayor Greg Fischer and LMPD release all documents regarding the Breonna Taylor case.

  Central High School hosts ‘peace walk’ to honor Breonna Taylor, George Floyd

Participants were encouraged to bring at least one unopened school or cleaning supply for families in need.

  Audio tapes reveal new details the night Breonna Taylor was killed

In the recordings, given to NBC by the attorney for Breonna Taylor’s boyfriend, Kenneth Walker, we hear the voices of Walker and LMPD Sgt. Jonathan Mattingly, as they each describe what happened that night.

Audio from LMPD Sgt. Jon Mattingly interview sheds new light on Taylor shooting

LMPD Sgt. Jon Mattingly, who led the deadly narcotics raid on Breonna Taylor’s apartment four months ago, is heard giving his account for the first time in brand new audio just obtained by NBC News.

Kentucky Senate President Robert Stivers says no-knock warrant ban has bipartisan support

Kentucky Senate President Robert Stivers on Thursday said he’s working on a bill that would ban no-knock warrants across the state.

School to hold Breonna Taylor peace walk today

Students and staff at Louisville’s Central High School are hosting the walk at their football stadium this afternoon.

  Home rented by Breonna Taylor’s ex-boyfriend at center of lawsuit against officers

A single home in the Russell neighborhood is now at the center of the latest lawsuit filed by the lawyers of Breonna Taylor's family.

  Breonna Taylor: New video shows moments immediately following deadly shooting

WAVE 3 News Troubleshooters obtained new video that shows the moments after the Breonna Taylor shooting.

2 specials to air on Breonna Taylor case

One of the specials is being produced in part by an NBA player and a rapper. It is scheduled to air tonight.

Report: Breonna Taylor to be honored on WNBA uniforms

WNBA jerseys will honor Breonna Taylor and other women who died in connection to police action.

7,000-square-foot Breonna Taylor mural put in Maryland park

The mural is in Annapolis’ Chambers Park.

  City buys home rented by Breonna Taylor’s ex-boyfriend for $1 as new allegations arise

The attorneys representing Breonna Taylor’s family now claim a development project was the reason why police focused on her ex-boyfriend, Jamarcus Glover.

  Neighbors react to amended lawsuit against city targeting Fischer’s ‘economic legacy’ in west Louisville

Residents along Louisville’s Elliott Avenue are reacting to the lawsuit alleging the city targeted the home of Breonna Taylor’s ex-boyfriend for redevelopment.

Breonna Taylor lawsuit amended, now places blame on Mayor Fischer for new development project

The lawsuit claims the upscale designs in the west end led to the warrant that left Breonna Taylor dead.

  Louisville artists unveil mural honoring Breonna Taylor; others killed by police

The mural shows Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, David McAtee, Elijah McClain, and Sandra Bland.