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McConnell remarks on state aid land with thud with governor

“If we don’t get these funds, Kentuckians will suffer,” the Democratic governor told reporters at a coronavirus briefing.

New resources now available for Louisvillians facing eviction, other crises

Make Ends Meet: A pandemic plan to help with lunch

  Make Ends Meet: ‘Drum’ up business for your favorite stores

  Ky. eviction rule lifted as groups provide resources to keep people in their homes

Kentucky extends contract for help processing jobless claims

  Rental assistance available for Jefferson Co. residents concerned about evictions

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  Make Ends Meet: How and when to shop around for healthcare

$600 weekly unemployment benefits set to expire soon

  How to make ends meet in an emergency

  Make Ends Meet: A guide to apartment living

  Make Ends Meet: Good credit in hard times

  Probable federal loan to cover KY unemployment claims could have long-term impacts

  As some Kentuckians push for rent forgiveness, others say it’s unconstitutional, unnecessary

A local attorney cites national data, updated last week, showing there's only been a slight decrease so far of people not being able to pay their rent.

  Your car insurance policy may help you make ends meet

Many insurance companies have not only noticed fewer cars and dangers on the road, but they have recalculated bills because of it.

First look at stimulus checks with President’s name

We’re getting a first look at what the paper economic stimulus checks will look like, with President Trump’s name printed on them.

  Make Ends Meet: The real deal on stimulus checks

Nicholas Maraman, a senior attorney for the Louisville Legal Aid Society’s Economic Stability Unit, provided some answers to a few frequently-asked questions about the economic impact payments.

  Make Ends Meet: Stretch every dollar and every meal

  Got your stimulus check? Financial advisor gives advice on what to do with that money

Worried about money amid the coronavirus pandemic? A financial expert has some advice

  Make Ends Meet: Manage your mortgage payments during COVID-19 crisis

  How the BusyKid app is changing how children look at money

  Make Ends Meet: Stimulus money help

  Rent is due; here’s what to do if you can’t pay

Lawyers recommend tenants check the language of their lease to see if there are options for delayed or partial payment.

Study: Kentucky makes top 10 list of ‘Best and Worst States for Retirement’

To determine their ranking, they calculated the cost of living, cost of care, the average income versus the average price of a home, and the percentage of people older than 65.

  Make Ends Meet: The good, bad and ugly of payday loans and quick cash

Borrowers can easily find themselves caught in a cycle of debt, taking out additional payday loans to repay the old one.

  Make Ends Meet: Passive income could be your ticket to early retirement

Unless you're lucky enough to have a full pension and benefits, most of us will need to work until at least age 66 to save enough money for a comfortable retirement.

  Make Ends Meet: Filing taxes quickly & correctly

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act could affect how much tax someone should have their employer withhold from their paycheck.

  Are you financially cheating on your partner? Ask yourself these questions if you are in a relationship

Financial professional Tim Riney from Family Wealth Group has five questions that will test whether you’re financially compatible with your valentine.

  Make Ends Meet: Sugar daddies help Kentucky, Indiana sugar babies get through college debt-free

For high school seniors, February and March can be an exciting time of the year. It's when many are finding out which colleges have accepted their applications for admission.

  Be prepared, don’t be a victim of tax ID theft

When people start filing their taxes, con artists can start looking for chances to steal your return.

  More time on social media could mean more money out of your pocket

Research conducted on the effects of social media shows that spending time on your favorite social platforms can make you spend more money.

  Make Ends Meet: Planning the financial phases of life

It's never too early in life to learn to save, share, and spend wisely.

  Louisville working families collect millions of dollars in tax refunds using free service

Because of changes to the tax code, the 2019 tax season was a year of bad surprises.

Ways your finances could be impacted this year

The Secure Act recently passed and went into law on the first of the year. This will impact anyone with an IRA or 401-K.

Tips for cutting your energy bills this winter

Friday is National Cut Your Energy Costs Day, and we are here to help you make ends meet.

  Making Ends Meet: Improving finances in the new year

Financial plans are a must for people looking to stay on top of their money.

  Is saving money your New Year’s resolution? Here’s tips to make ends meet

It can be daunting, but there are tips for those who wish to save up more cash in the new year.

  Make Ends Meet: Don’t forget to prepare your family for your funeral

Planning for your death and funeral are probably not things you think about often, and certainly not things you look forward to doing.

  Making Ends Meet: Louisville experts offer healthcare cost-cutting tools

A little bit of research can save consumers some money.