Column: Opponents’ fibs falter in view of school choice facts

Does offering parents the option of sending their children to public charter schools or providing them with scholarships to assist with private school tuition harm public education? No, solidly no.

Breonna Taylor case: Motion filed to permanently dismiss Kenneth Walker’s charges

The new filing, with prejudice, means the charges would not be brought again if the motion passes.

Column: I am going to be vaccinated for the coronavirus

Hank Sanders writes that there are many reasons to be apprehensive about the COVID vaccine, but more reasons why it makes sense to get it.

Column: Gifts to make Kentucky taxpayers smile

Will he even want to stop and fill up his sleigh here?

Column: Kentucky coming up lame in economic growth race

While Kentucky may resemble Authentic as the mecca of horse racing, we trail the pack when it comes to competing successfully in terms of economic growth against our competitor states.

Column: Municipal broadband’s rocky coast littered with avoidable mistakes

The siren’s song of a government-owned broadband network is luring Oldham County to a potential disaster, Andrew McNeill writes.

Hank Sanders: 55 years and still struggling for the full right to vote

We must keep struggling for the full right to vote.

Column: Return ‘balance’ to ‘balance of power’

Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear’s abundance of executive orders – more than 150 since COVID-19 surfaced – is matched only by the largeness both of his good intentions and the unintended upheaval wrought by those edicts.

Column: Kentucky students must know the Edison behind the light bulb

It’s as if the creators of Kentucky’s new social studies standards ran as fast and far away as possible from the many extraordinary individuals throughout history whose achievements provide the “exceptional” in American exceptionalism.

  WAVE 3 News Editorial - September 14, 2020: Civil Unrest

Nearly five years ago I stood in Louisville’s Shawnee neighborhood pushing for investment to address the thousands of abandoned homes and buildings. Sadly, despite some effort, the number of abandoned homes and buildings hasn’t changed much.

Column: Private broadband investment key to sturdy long game

The pandemic cursing our globe also reveals the fruit of tremendous blessings produced by the private sector’s $1.7 trillion investment in the nation’s broadband networks over the last 20 years, which US Telecom dramatically asserts has brought most Americans access to high-speed internet.

Column: Lawmakers should lift ban on Pell grants so more colleges can work with corrections

As leaders in education and achievement in Louisville, we’ve seen firsthand how access to college courses can serve as a catalyst for strengthening families and communities alike.

Column | COVID-19 crisis: education

Cookie-cutter online learning programs offered by Kentucky school districts during the COVID-19 shutdown in the spring failed to attract thousands of students and fell short in keeping multitudes of others engaged.

Column: Save Kentucky traditions like Derby Festival

While not holding events this year was the right decision, it is devastating to the Festival, our industry and our city nonetheless.

Column: Let parents use SEEK dollars for online learning options

Numerous surveys indicate trepidation among parents about whether public schools are the best places for their children in a COVID-19 world, Jim Waters writes.

Column: Independence Is Not For You

Hank Sanders says, "Independence cannot be given. It has to be declared. It has to be taken. It has to be protected. It has to be grown. Then it is on the inside as well as the outside. It is real independence."

Column: Court affirms small program, fuels national movement

What opponents of choice really want is, well, no parent-controlled choice, Jim Waters writes.

Column: Rename Edmund Pettus Bridge as The Bridge to Freedom

Hank Sanders says, "The Edmund Pettus Bridge is a powerful symbol all over the world, but it's time for its name to be changed."

Column: COVID-19 relief to private schools will help public ones, too

Anti-school-choice edu-crats want to limit coronavirus relief funding to only traditional public schools and the students who attend them, Jim Waters writes.

Column: Revisit history standards, lack of school choice

The legislature should reconsider Kentucky’s social studies standards and demand that history’s individuals be included, Jim Waters writes.

Column: Current environment provides opportunity to advance school choice

Whether we see – and seize – the available opportunities during these chaotic times depends on how much effort we’re willing to expend, Jim Waters writes.

Column: As BLM movement rises, examples abound that show the opposite

Hank Sanders says, "Being black in America is a never-ending challenge of whether black lives matter. If you have not lived it, you cannot really understand it."

Column: Black men must stand, challenge, protest

Hank Sanders says, "I feel the intense pain, the strong fear, and the great rage in my bones. I feel it for others. I feel it for myself."

Column: Higher taxes plus more spending equals deeper hole

As the big spenders in charge of Congress clamor to deepen the hole of America's debt, it might be prudent to consider some advice from an unlikely source, Jim Waters writes.

Column: Biden should select Stacey Abrams as his running mate

Joe Biden has an opportunity coming toward him, and her name is Stacey Abrams, Hank Sanders writes.

Op-Ed: In COVID-19 era, internet access is a basic necessity

More than two months have passed since businesses and schools across the Commonwealth began shutting their doors due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Column: Governing through COVID-19 -- sledgehammer or scalpel?

Jim Waters writes that an economic crisis squeezes an entire state, revealing or magnifying the true condition of its economy along with the competency – or lack thereof – of its political leadership.

Column: Amid 21st-century pandemic, a 21st-century lynching

Alabama Sen. Hank Sanders writes that Ahmaud Arbery's death amounts to a 21st-century lynching.

Column: Beware the virus of mistrust

Jim Waters writes that Gov. Andy Beshear missed a golden opportunity to demonstrate that he’s personally walking the COVID-19 walk as well as talking the talk concerning the need for Kentuckians to hunker down at home during this global health crisis.

  WAVE 3 News Editorial - Wednesday, April 15, 2020: Overcoming Adversity

Visualizing better days ahead helps sustain us as we navigate challenges never before seen in our lifetimes and mourn those lost to the coronavirus scourge. Those days ahead will include some of the positive take-aways from living differently now.

WAVE 3 News Guest Editorial - March 27, 2020: Together We Can

Never before in our lifetime has the whole world been engaged in one conversation. This is a crisis that can be an opportunity to be better, stronger and more united.

WAVE 3 News Guest Editorial: Big Bold Ask

To deliver the promise education excellence for every Kentuckian, the Commonwealth must reverse years of budget cuts.

  WAVE 3 News Guest Editorial - November 19, 2019: Delay the health insurance tax

Right now, addressing one policy issue can immediately help protect consumers and employers - the delay of the health insurance tax.

  WAVE 3 News Editorial - Oct. 2, 2019: Character development

Throughout Indiana and Kentucky, there are countless unsung people of character who are compassionate, fair, trustworthy, patient, and kind.

  WAVE 3 News Editorial - August 22, 2019: Anniversaries

It is a milestone year for several local companies and events.

WAVE 3 News: Guest Editorial; July 22, 2019

We are definitely at a crossroads that is not so much about being politically correct, but how being totally incorrect on how we treat one another, how we just disagree. It’s about civil discourse.

  WAVE 3 News Editorial - May 14, 2019: Opportunities in west Louisville

We need more investments in west Louisville for the city to attract and keep more people.

  WAVE 3 News Guest Editorial: National Salvation Army Week

With your help, our goal is to provide a Summer Day Camp Program and a week at overnight camp for up to 250 area children.

  WAVE 3 News Guest Editorial: Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer on pension payment

We run a lean government. Among peer cities, we have the fourth lowest ratio of city employees to population. Now, we’ve been hit by a large pension bill from the state, which is the main factor in a $65 million budget hole over the next four years.

WAVE 3 News Guest Editorial - February 21, 2019: University Research

What does a salamander found only in a remote lake near Mexico City have to do with the future of health? And what does it have to do with schools like UK and UofL?

  WAVE 3 News Guest Editorial - Tuesday, January 22, 2019: Authorizing Charter Schools

Every year without school choice is another year of missed opportunity for too many Kentucky children.