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This is a test story- please ignore::

"My dad, he's a union construction worker, and it's a distraction for him. You know, it's something to look forward to every day – that they're gonna win," said Yankee fan Pete Corrigan.

And Pete, whose father is part of the construction team at Ground Zero, a couple of blocks from where he watched the Yankees go by, he is beginning to appreciate what it takes for his dad to put him through college. And, they have baseball. You can't really put a dollar sign on how much it means to have something like this right now.

"It's a small thing, it's not on the same level as getting to the moon, but it means something, so I think it's good for people to celebrate it," said Jackets, N.J. fan James Brady.

"I think for today, everybody's putting everything aside, celebrating the New York Yankees' 27th victory. So I think everything's good now, but you know, just to get rid of their frustrations," said Bronx resident Mike Albaro.

this is a spell checker nightmare story- everything is miss spelled and everything is incorrect and there is sios no reason to believe that this will get better.

funtastic story that has amaazing things written.

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