Ky. Capitol rotunda closed for repairs

FRANKFORT, Ky. (AP) - Abraham Lincoln's in a wooden box. So are Jefferson Davis and two other statues of prominent figures in Kentucky history.

Visitors to the state Capitol won't see much of the building's ornate rotunda. It's closed for repairs until next year in preparation for the Capitol's 100th anniversary. State curator David Buchta (BOOK'-tuh) tells The Louisville Courier-Journal that the rotunda, which is sits directly beneath the Capitol's 174-feet dome, hasn't been closed since the mid-1950s.

Buchta says it's being patched and painted. The marble is being cleaned and its lights restored. Workers have enclosed in wooden boxes the statues of Lincoln, Davis, Alben Barkley and Ephraim McDowell. They're building scaffolding to reach the rotunda's ceiling. The $450,000 project is scheduled to be finished by Jan. 1.