88-year-old WWII vet part of history museum exhibit

Hal Wren
Hal Wren

By Ray D'Alessio - bio | email

LOUISVILLE, KY (WaVE) - At 88 years old, Hal Wren is truly a remarkable individual. While most people his age enjoying retirement or maybe hanging out on the beach, Hal keeps busy by practicing law and acting as an arbitrator.

But it's what he did during World War Two that Hal is most proud of. Between 1942 and 1946, the U.S. Naval Language Officer interrogated Japanese POWs and translated top secret enemy documents.

As Hall recalls, sometimes there were a lot of documents to translate.

"I can remember one day after the Battle of Saipan," Wren said. "I was at Pearl Harbor in the Joint Intelligence Center at that time. They brought in 10 tons of material. I mean it was just a tremendous amount of volume."

Hal's other big wartime contribution was helping prepare a Japanese/English dictionary of military terms.

Hal retired from the Navy in 1980 and to this day, he still speaks Japanese fluently.

You can learn more about Hal's story at the Frazier International History Museum, where his story is being depicted as part of the Frazier's 48 Local Stories That Changed The World exhibit.

Hal's story is one of 48 others currently on display at Frazier Museum's World War II exhibit.

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