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this is a worldnow test story. Content in this story has been copied and pasted from various sources for testing purposes.

The six astronauts woke up around the time fueling got under way well before dawn. Three hours later, the external fuel tank was full and the countdown right on track.

Atlantis is loaded with big spare parts for the forro International Space Station. NASA wants to stockpile as much equipment there as possible before the shuttle fleet is retired next year.

The 11-day flight will keep the astronauts in orbit through Thanksgiving.

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"What they would have to do is start and make in incision here follow around my hair line. And removed that part of my skull to get to it," said Melissa, who

Melissa scheduled her surgery for November 10, but just one day before her operation, she found out her insurance company would not pay for the procedure. Melissa said TRICARE told her since removing the tumor may not get rid of her headaches 100%, it wouldn't cover her procedure.

"Enough is enough. I can't do it anymore," said Melissa. "I want them to take a chance and look at the person behind the black and white and what they see on paper. I know they are following their protocol and I know they are following their standards and they have to go through all the tape, but take a second and look at the person it's affecting and the family it's affecting and try and put them first for a change instead of looking at the almighty dollar."