Kentucky missionary group back home from Haiti

Bob Scott
Bob Scott
Clinton Hall
Clinton Hall
Kyle Scott
Kyle Scott
Bobby Hall
Bobby Hall

By Maira Ansari - bio | email
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LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) – A team of missionaries from Frankfort were just five days into their trip in Haiti when the 7.0 earthquake hit on January 12. Finally, they are back home after a long journey. Nobody in their group was hurt, but they found themselves stranded in the devastated country.

"It was surreal," said Bobby Hall.

"It knocked me to the ground," said Bob Scott.

The four missionaries with the Capital City Christian group sat down and talked with us, they were there when the earthquake hit.

"One of the first things we saw a boy who was bloody then saw houses that were crumbled," said Clinton Hall.

16-year-old Kyle Scott says the quake felt like it only lasted ten seconds, but the damage is unimaginable.

"Miracle we are still alive. No one got hurt," said Scott. "God watched over us it's amazing."

"Every time we experienced an aftershock, there were 30-40 of them that following night, they were terrified," said Bob Scott.

With a long journey ahead by road and water, the group was eager to get home.

"We were there taking their living supplies," said Bob Scott. "That one reason we were trying to get out. Every meal we ate, three to four Haitians would be eating that meal."

"It's hard knowing we are back here comfortable with our families and there are lot of who aren't," said Clinton Hall. "They lost their families and homes."

The missionaries say the quake has brought them closer together and to God.

"The entire time, we saw God's hand at work," said Clinton Hall.

They know the work that lies ahead in the devastated country and hope to return.

"They are gracious wonderful people that we need to help" said Bobby Hall.

Hall brought several bottles of pure vanilla back from Haiti from a store that was completely destroyed. He says he wants to auction the bottles off through the church's website to send back money to Haiti.

Two more members of the missionary group are expected to return home Wednesday night.

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