Fire destroys couple's home weeks before wedding

Fern Creek, KY - By Marisela Burgos - bio | email

FERN CREEK, KY (WAVE) - Fern Creek firefighters are investigating the cause of a house fire. The fire started around 10:20 Sunday morning at a home on Hollow Oaks Drive in Fern Creek. Deputy Chief Rob Storrie believes the fire started in the garage. He said it appears to be an electrical issue.

Brian Massey was inside his home when the fire started. His fiance, Tiffany Wood, was in Cincinnati at a Bachelorette party. Massey says he usually wakes up early to feed the dogs and let them out. He followed his usual routine on Sunday.

"I started watching TV I was just relaxing and I heard somebody, banging on the door downstairs," Massey said.

It was Massey's neighbor.

"Scott was telling me the garage was on fire," Massey said. "I looked over and sure enough, it was. I grabbed a small fire extinguisher and put out the small parts that were in the garage, but it had already gotten up to the attic of the garage."

Massey said he ran back inside his home to make sure the dogs were not inside.

"I ran back out and moved the car and then some of the neighbors grabbed an ax and we went and chopped down the back part of the yard so we could get my dog," Massey recalled.

When Massey moved his car, debris hit his arm and ear. Deputy Chief Storrie said Massey's injuries were non-life threatening.

Brian Massey's dad, Jeff, says he drove to the house immediately after getting a call his son's house was in flames.

"By the time I got here, the house was pretty much totally engulfed," said Jeff Massey. "The fire department had been here long enough to put most of the major flames out."

Massey says he called his bride-to-be to tell her their home had been destroyed.

"I told her and she started freaking out," Massey said. "Her parents went and got her and brought her back."

The couple was set to walk down the aisle in six weeks. Massey says they did manage to recover some of their wedding items, including their planner. Fortunately, the wedding dress wasn't in the home - it was being altered.

One item fire fighters immediately recovered was Massey's wedding ring.

"One of the firemen brought my wedding ring to me when I was getting looked at for my burns and that was really special," Massey said. "I broke down 'cause I didn't think we'd be able to save anything."

The home on Hollow Oaks Drive was the couple's first, and they have lived there for just over a year.

"Her parents helped us paint the first floor," Massey said. "My dad, her dad, and my grandfather helped us build the huge deck back there. [They] helped us put up the fence. We've done a lot, and lost it in a matter of about 20 to 30 minutes."

Despite losing almost everything, Massey was thankful no one was seriously hurt.

"At the end of the day, everyone is safe," Massey said. "You can always replace stuff."

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