Breathitt Co. shooting rampage survivor describes terror

Rachel Whitehead
Rachel Whitehead

Breathitt Co., KY - By Janelle MacDonald - bio | email

BREATHITT CO., KY (WAVE/WLEX) - A small community is still reeling after six people died over the weekend in a murder suicide. Police in Breathitt County say 47-year-old Stanley Neace killed his wife and four others, then himself. Early reports are that Neace lost it early Saturday morning, over how his eggs were cooked. He also was reportedly being evicted. It resulted in a shooting rampage that witnesses say was absolutely terrifying.

"We heard a few gunshots go off and we seened her run out the trailer," said neighbor Rachel Whitehead.

That was what first alerted Whitehead to the terror unfolding in her neighborhood. She saw Sandra Neace run into the trailer where her daughter, Rachel Strong, lived with her boyfriend, Dennis Turner. Stanley Neace wasn't far behind.

"He shot Dennis, that was Rachel's boyfriend, he shot him in the leg," Whitehead said. "He run through to the bathroom and he got down in the bathtub with his girlfriend, Rachel, and Sandra was in the bathtub."

Whitehead says Neace killed them all.

At that point, she says her neighbor, Tammy Kilborn came and got her, whisking her to Kilborn's trailer.

"We all runned in her back bedroom," Whitehead said. "Stanley busted through Tammy's door and he went through there with a rifle ... I told Stanley, I said, 'Please don't shoot me and my girls. I want to live to see ... I want to live to see them grow up.' So he point the gun at me and he told me, he said, 'Get out. Get out of here.'"

As she left, Whitehead says she heard Neace shoot Kilborn.

"I hear the gun go off twice and I heard her scream,"

Whitehead says Neace also shot and killed Teresa Fugate, while Fugate's daughter sat on her lap.

"(The daughter) was begging to Stanley not to shoot her mom and he did and he told (her) to go, to run," Whitehead said.

The bodies of Neace and his victims were taken to Frankfort for an autopsy. The investigation continues.

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