Palin stumps for Paul at fundraiser, speaks to gospel music convention

Published: Sep. 16, 2010 at 10:55 PM EDT|Updated: May. 8, 2012 at 11:40 PM EDT
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Sarah Palin
Sarah Palin
Rand Paul
Rand Paul

Louisville, KY - By Elizabeth Donatelli - bio | email
Posted by Charles Gazaway - email

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - A big name political figure was in the Bluegrass and drew thousands of supporters, but also a handful of protesters. Former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin began the day campaigning for a Republican U.S. Senate candidate Rand Paul.

"What happens so often in politics is we evolve towards the blandest of candidates, but the one thing you can say about Sarah Palin is there's nothing bland about her," said Paul.

Paul, who spoke exclusively to WAVE 3, said he met Palin for the first time at the fundraiser. There were 70 or so big donors at the event.

"None of us are perfect, but what she really has that people like is the sort of sense of likeabliity," said Paul. "You just meet her and you like her."

Several dozen union members and people who read about Palin's visit on were outside protesting.

"Rand Paul is just like Sarah Palin," said Dan DeSpain who stood outside of the fundraising event.  "He's hatred and intolerance."

Former journalist Jesse Lewis read about the event on and decided to attend.

"When Rand Paul talks he seems to say things against Kentucky workers," said Lewis.

Some of the demonstrators were making fun of the tea party movement, others of Paul himself. One man dressed as a caveman and called himself "NeaderPaul Man."

"They're trying to take away our social security and if we start letting these people get in office, they may not take it away this time, but in the next couple of times it will be gone," said retired Ford worker Mary Briscoe.

In an exclusive interview with WAVE 3 Paul denied he was going to get rid of Social Security.

"I really want to fix social security because what's going on now is that everybody has to admit that there used to be many workers and few retirees, now we're getting to the point where there's going to be one worker for one retiree," said Paul. "We don't have enough money for it so we have to figure out how we can fund it."

After the fundraiser Palin spoke at the National Quartet Convention. She talked a lot about her family and their struggles and how they relied on faith. She also congratulated all Tea Party candidates on their victories, however, did not name any names.

"By the way I was so thrilled with some of these upsets, these underdog candidates," said Palin in her speech. "Some of these kind of underdogs, newcomers, new ideas, new faces, new energy, in the political process that is so needed kinda shaking up the good old boys you know."

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