KY NFL star pleads guilty after drunk driving arrest in Southern Indiana

Michael Bush with Attorney Larry Wilder at his March 7 arraignment in Jeffersonville
Michael Bush with Attorney Larry Wilder at his March 7 arraignment in Jeffersonville
Michael Bush (source: Clark County Sheriff's Office)
Michael Bush (source: Clark County Sheriff's Office)

Jeffersonville, IN - By Matt McCutcheon – bio | email

JEFFERSONVILLE, IN (WAVE) – Michael Bush is an up-and-coming name in the world of football, but in the eyes of the of law, he faced his most serious charge to date on Monday.

Bush has been playing for the Oakland Raiders; making it big after starting from humble beginnings in Louisville, where he played for both Male High School and the University of Louisville.

He was back home in Kentuckiana on the night of February 12, 2011, where he was stopped by police for speeding while crossing the Second Street Bridge from Kentucky headed into Indiana.

Police pulled Bush over, and later suspected he had been drinking. He was then arrested for suspicion of drinking and driving, formally being initially charged with Operating a Motor Vehicle While Intoxicated with a Blood Alcohol Content of greater than .08 but less than .10. That is a misdemeanor charge.

On Monday, March 7, Bush was arraigned on that charge and also pled guilty to a lesser charge, after his attorney and the prosecutor reached an agreement.

Bush pled guilty Monday morning to a count of Reckless Driving, a class B misdemeanor. The 180 day jail sentence was suspended, and he was given one year of probation, will pay roughly $1,000 in fines, and will serve 20 hours of community service.

The community service hours will likely be spent assisting the Jeffersonville High School football team.

Despite the fact that his main residence is in Kentucky, Bush's attorney – Larry Wilder – says the team and the NFL will be watching his actions, and will comply with the court.

Bush is expected to serve out his probation in California, while a probation officer there reports to Indiana officials.

Wilder said that Bush is remorseful for his actions, but says that Bush couldn't comment publicly about them due to NFL regulations.

Wilder also said that Bush never actually meant to go across the bridge; Wilder says that Bush's GPS navigation system told him to take a confusing turn, which led to him crossing the bridge in the first place.

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