People tell JCPS what they want in their next superintendent

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE)-  Who is going to be the next leader of Jefferson County Public Schools?

The district hired a recruiting and consulting firm to search the nation the results of their survey was presented to the JCPS school board Monday.

JCPS hired McPherson & Jacobs, an Executive Recruitment & Development firm out of Nebraska, to get their finger on the pulse of JCPS families, and students. The firm asked many of you what you want in the school system's next superintendent and how that person can fix the district's problems.

"They're open, honest and trustworthy. a person of integrity," Dr. Richard Sundblad said as he read the results of the survey to the board Monday.

The consultants shared what parents and families told them they want to see in the next superintendent.

The report shed light on issues people said effect the district and want the next superintendent to resolve.

"Many of the groups we talked to said 'how can we turn around our low performing schools?' We need a turnaround person," Sundblad said.

Current superintendent Dr. Sheldon Berman leaves in June. Board members want his successor in place by July.

And they know that person inherits a challenge.

"Student behavior and especially bullying. truancy and drop out rate, " Sundblad said.

"The two would be the student assignment. Come in and find a workable process to it, as effective as it could possibly be."

Sundblad said roughly 15 people have applied so far, but school board member Linda Duncan wonders how Louisville could attract even more quality candidates, amid nationwide competition.

"Well, I think everybody is a bit concerned about the time of this search," Duncan said "Because we're in competition with such large districts around the country right now. Seattle, Atlanta."

Steve Imhoff is the JCPS School Board President

"Many of them are looking for another job. Most are for a step up in size, and we're a step up for most superintendents," Imhoff said.

School board president Steve Imhoff says the board may discuss hiring an interim superintendent for a month or so, if they don't select a candidate by a target hiring date of July 1.

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