Facelift without surgery

Published: May. 4, 2011 at 9:22 PM EDT|Updated: Oct. 4, 2011 at 2:40 PM EDT
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LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE)-  How would you like a facelift without the actual surgery?  The technology is now available in Kentuckiana.  But just as aging doesn't happen overnight this is not an overnight fix.

The first of its kind ultrasound procedure can reportedly lift, tighten and reduce pockets of fat.

One of the first to try the device in Louisville Plastic Surgeon, Joseph Banis's office is the person patients first see at the reception desk.  Olga says she see the signs of aging, "in the mirror.  When you least expect, when you're not really looking for it."

Those signs of getting older are now getting erased with a new FDA approved treatment called Ultherapy.

"It's a new technology, it's a brand new concept," says Dr. Banis.

Ultherapy uses ultrasound waves to focus heat on the same tissue that surgeons will pull tighter when performing a traditional facelift.

That's why it's getting so much buzz in the industry right now Banis explains, "It physiologically hits the targets that otherwise you'd have to surgically approach."

And like traditional ultrasound, technicians performing the procedures can actually see the tissue area being targeted before doing the treatment.

Areas like, "my jaw line, the area under the chin and just overall lifting," says Olga.

The ultrasound's low level heat is what triggers the results.  Dr. Banis explains it like this, "it stimulates them (the areas) to regenerate and heal, which stimulates collagen production and tightening of tissue."

It's takes about 90 days for the wounds to heal and contract, so that means it takes 90 days to see the full impact of the treatment.

Dr. Banis tried it on himself and noticed tightening above his eyes and along the jaw line.

It's the area above the eyes that really got the attention of the FDA.  "It has been documented," says Banis, "on FDA approval to be able to for instance, lift the brow several millimeters."

Also impressive in before and after pictures is the fat reduction beneath the chin, and the improved definition along the jaw line.  Olga notices a softening of the folds at her cheeks and friends are noticing too asking, "like, what am I doing."

With no downtime, no one really has to know but they should be able to see those signs of aging become history.

The procedure isn't without pain.  Dr. Banis recommends patients take a pain pill before the procedure.  It takes about an hour to treat the entire face and will cost $3000.  For smaller segments it will be cheaper, starting around $1500