Dozens gather to remember murdered 19-year-old

Published: May. 9, 2011 at 2:31 AM EDT|Updated: May. 19, 2011 at 12:23 PM EDT
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LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - He was murdered in broad daylight Thursday, at just 19-years-old. On Sunday, Kathy Brumfield, the mother of Frank "Garrett" Coleman, gathered with dozens of others to mourn his death.

"I'm sad. My heart is broke," Brumfield said.

In a vigil to honor Coleman's memory, she, along with dozens of others gathered at a cross marking the spot where Coleman was gunned down, hoping to curb the kind of violence among Kentuckiana's teenagers that led to her son's death.

Instead of celebrating Mother's Day, Kathy Brumfield and dozens of others gathered to mourn Coleman's death.

"His presence was so wonderful," Kathy said. "I can't believe someone didn't like him."

Coleman died Thursday after police say he got into a fight Wednesday night that carried into Thursday. One man got out of a car and was shot by another.

Steven Brumfield, Coleman's brother, says drugs were been involved.

"It was a drug deal, Steven said. "My brother was with another individual and they had a deal going on. The other individual pulled out a gun and robbed him, robbed the suspect. He blamed my brother for it."

Kathy Brumfield says her son "was a troubled teen."

"I'm not lying," Kathy said. "He had some troubles and I tried to keep him on track. And he was trying to get there but he hadn't gotten there."

Kathy Brumfield says her son may have had plans to go to college, and no matter what kind of activity he was involved with, his death didn't have to happen.

"We're here to let people know that there's too much violence for these youths, these teenagers," she said. The people out here, they're just shooting for no reason."

"He just got caught up at the wrong place in the wrong time, man," Keith Greer, a friend of Frank's said

"These people don't know what they took from us, but they took something very precious to our heart."

21-year-old Robert Norris faces one count of murder in connection with Coleman's death.

"I pray everyday that I don't hate that boy," Kathy Brumfield said "Because that anger is not going to do me any good."

"I don't care. I'm angry," Shannon Brumfield, Coleman's sister said

"I'm angry. You know? Am I gonna go out and shoot somebody? No. Because, I mean, you have to use your common sense, but...I hurt. Am I angry? Yes." She said.

Though they know they can't bring Coleman back, his mother and family, are trying to make these circumstances a learning point.

"If this can change just one person's perception or make them change their mind on how they're going to react the next time, that's all we want." Shannon Brumfield said.

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