3-year-old gunshot victim remembered

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE)- At just 3 years old, Davion Powell is the city's latest homicide victim.

He died earlier this week after he was shot in the head by gunfire that came through an apartment window.

Saturday, loved ones gathered to lay that little boy to rest.

Today, 21-year-old Roderick Moss, the man wanted in connection with 3-year-old Davion Powell's murder appeared in jail court this morning. He plead not guilty to a charge of murder. Around the same time, many people turned out for the funeral of that little boy. Some described him as a child "everybody loved."

"He was a loving little boy." Gwen Jordan, Davion's daycare provider said as she remembers the boy.

With heavy hearts, friends and family gathered at a west end church to say goodbye to 3-year- old Davion Powell

"Very...you know just...very lovable." Jordan said. Everybody loved him at the daycare."

For Davion's mother, family and friends, some semblance of comfort in each other through the pain of losing someone so young.

"I didn't talk to her today, but she came by the daycare yesterday and brought us some postcards with his picture on it. She was doing good, but I know she's very tore up." Jordan said.

Twenty- one year old Roderick Moss, the man wanted in the 3-year-old's deadly shooting turned himself into police Friday evening. Jordan says she spoke with Moss' mother.

"She's very hurt" Jordan said "Her emotions...she's so sorry that her son done this. She wanted justice. She wanted her son to turn himself in. She wanted justice."

As people said their last goodbye, some hoped for change.

"I don't understand how these kids are getting a hold of guns." Jordan said "We've got to stop all of this you know...killing each other."

Moss is being held on $1 Million bond. He'll be back in court May 31st at 9am.

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