Probation for former teacher caught with student

Carrie Shafer (source: duPont Manual Yearbook)
Carrie Shafer (source: duPont Manual Yearbook)

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - A former biology teacher at duPont Manual High School who was arrested after police found her partially clothed in a parked car with a 17-year-old student in eastern Louisville pleaded guilty Friday to two felonies.

Carrie M. Shafer, 38, resigned from duPont Manual a few days after she was found in a handicapped parking spot at Miles Park with the student late on March 3, 2011. Police say she was partially nude and had provided alcohol to the student.

After Shafer pleaded guilty Friday morning, she was sentenced to one year for unlawful transaction with a minor and three years for custodial interference. As part of a plea agreement, she will not serve any jail time but will be on probation for three years. She was also fined $1,000.

"It was consistent with the wishes of the family; it was consistent with my opinion and my advice of this case and we wanted a quick resolution and we were able to get one," said Jon Heck with the Commonwealth Attorney's Office.

During probation, Shafer is not allowed to teach or come in contact with any minors and must attend counseling.

"I don't know of a school district that would accept someone with that record. I think that would be pretty extraordinary," Heck said.

Shafer never faced any sexual charges.

"What we were focused on was her lack of permission to be anywhere around that child after school hours and that's what she was convicted of and giving him alcohol," Heck said.

Although Shafer is now a convicted felon, she could have faced additional charges under a new Kentucky statute that prohibits adults in a position of authority to have sexual contact with minors.

Kentucky's age of consent is 16.

Shafter and her attorneys walked by reporters and only said "no comment" when asked about her plea and sentencing.

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