Charlestown Police Investigate 10-Month-Old's Death

By Jay Warren

(CHARLESTOWN, Ind., October 31st, 2003, 6 p.m.) -- Police in Charlestown, Indiana are waiting on the results of an autopsy of a 10-month-old baby boy. Alexander Raisor was found unconscious in his crib Thursday morning. In the meantime, police are handling it like a crime until they know otherwise. WAVE 3's Jay Warren reports.

Police started watching 127 Woodridge Lane in Charlestown early Thursday.

"As a precaution, at this point, we're going to treat it as a criminal investigation pending the outcome of the autopsy."

Ten-month-old Alexander Raisor died in that apartment sometime Thursday morning.

The boy's mother, Dee Raisor, lives there with her fiance, Jeremy Stewart.

"I was home the night before," Raisor says. "I put him to bed, I put all three kids to bed that night. I got in the shower, everything was fine."

Raisor says she got up before 6 a.m. to go to work, but didn't check on him. "I usually don't," Raisor says, "because he's sleeping -- he's so easy to wake up."

A little later, Stewart got the girls up. That's when he says he "realized I hadn't heard nothing from Alex."

So he decided to check on him.

"I went upstairs, checked his crib. That's when I found him. He was purple, with blood coming out of his mouth and the ear.

Stewart says he then made two phone calls. "He was still warm, so I ran and called her. I should have called 911 first, but I called 911 next, right after that."

Steward was asked point blank if he shook little Alex. "No. No, you don't shake babies, you don't -- not him.

Raisor told us what little Alex was like, saying he was "always happy."

Charlestown Police Chief Wayne Crumpton is waiting on word from the Clark County Coroner "due to the age of the child -- it's not every day that you have a 10-month-old found unconscious like that. As a precaution, we're going to pursue it as a criminal investigation at this point."

Police are tight-lipped about the details surrounding this case. Chief Crumpton declined to comment when asked if there were any visible signs of trauma to the child

A memorial fund has been set up for Alexander Lee Raisor. Contributions can be sent to any branch of the New Washington State Bank in Charlestown.

Online Reporter: Jay Warren

Online Producer: Michael Dever