Police seize "client list" with 400 names in prostitution bust

Published: Aug. 4, 2011 at 10:51 PM EDT|Updated: Aug. 19, 2011 at 8:14 PM EDT
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Word is spreading about a prostitution bust in Jeffersonville Wednesday night.

On the Internet, we found a link to a WAVE 3 story about the bust and a warning to customers of prostitutes to be careful.

Police in Jeffersonville say there could be good reason for caution as they investigate a 400-person long list of names found when they made their bust on North Shore Drive at a business that operated as "My Studio 1501.'

"There were a lot of girls in and out, a lot of guys who would spend 30 minutes to an hour in there," said a man who works near the business but wanted to keep his identity secret, fearing repercussion.

Police say "My studio 1501" and its Internet web site my1501.com was set up to look like a spa, but actually a front for prostitution.

"They promoted themselves as a legitimate business, as a 'light touch massage parlor'," said Jeffersonville Detective Todd Hollis.

When undercover officers went in Wednesday, they say they found enough evidence to arrest five of the six girls inside for prostitution.

Arrested were: Marisa Ruckel, 20, Abigail Perry, 21, Donna Liani, 23, Amanda Driskell, 22, and Kristen Nakayana, 19.

Police say they had to bring in officers from Indianapolis because the business owners were preparing for a bust.

"Our suspicions were confirmed that they may be able to identify our police officers by the fact that we found documentation that did identify our officers and identified undercover police vehicles," Hollis said.

Police also discovered what they're calling a client list with around 400 names and phone numbers.

"It was broken down to how much the business made from each client and how much the girl made from each client," Hollis said.

My1501.com showed pictures of what it called its staff. Each picture included a short bio with measurements of the girls. Hollis said the business used spa-like showers and saunas for prostitution services.

The web site also advertised a second location on Dixie Highway in Louisville.

WAVE 3 tracked that location down Thursday. People who work nearby say the same thing as people in Jeffersonville, that they had their suspicions that the girls were prostitutes. They added the "spa" services were by appointment only and the girls worked only at night.

Louisville Metro Police say they're not aware of any investigation there.

According to Jeffersonville Police, the business also operated a 3rd location in the Starks Building in Downtown Louisville.

Police say the owners of the business 36-year-old Ivan Deleon and 37-year-old Jean Kaufman will likely be charged with promoting prostitution.

People who work nearby wonder why it's taken this long.

"It had to have been pretty much public knowledge at some point," said a man who worked near the Jeffersonville location. "It's in the middle of a pretty decent office park."

Another man said the women would go outside to smoke and they looked, "quite frankly, like hookers."

Police say their investigation has already been going on for several months, sparked by multiple complaints from residents. It could take a while longer as investigators go through that 400-person long list.

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