Old Louisville residents sue mortgage company over eyesore

1371 Ouerbacker Court
1371 Ouerbacker Court
Ouerbacker Court Neighborhood
Ouerbacker Court Neighborhood
Rosalind Fishman
Rosalind Fishman
Chuck Whitehead
Chuck Whitehead

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - A group of Old Louisville residents is suing a mortgage company. They say that company and the woman who still technically owns a home in their community are not keeping up the property and it's dragging their neighborhood down.

Ouerbacker Court is one of those neighborhoods that reminds you of times gone by.

"We sit on our front porches and we talk or we have people over," said resident Rosalind Fishman.

Children run up and down the sidewalk.

"It's being in the center of a city, yet in a subdivision or in the suburbs," Fishman said.

Chuck Whitehead has lived there for about 50 years. He takes care of his house and so do his neighbors

"Most of them do," he said. "This one house down here, it's just a mess."

1371 Ouerbacker sticks out. It's crumbling and falling apart.

"The top is all coming down, there's problems with the roof," said Fishman.

"the wrong kind of people are trying to break in and have broken in," Whitehead said.

"We're just concerned about the children that they can run up and down those stairs," Fishman added. "something could happen, someone could be in there."

The neighbors have had enough.

They say it's been almost four years since the woman who grew up here moved out, abandoning the home to the bank.

"The mortgage company doesn't want to do anything about it because they're going to lose major money on it," Fishman speculated.

Neighbors have complained to the city, which issued $5600 in penalties for code violations. They're now taking the bank to court to try to force its hand.

"We've been trying to get the mortgage companies to foreclose on it so someone can buy it or do something with it," said Fishman.

They say so far, they've had no luck but they can't really understand why everyone doesn't see what they do.

"It's very frustrating," Fishman said. "You just want to go, 'Guys, get real. It's empty. It's disgusting. It needs help.'"

What's striking about this fight is that 1371 Ouerbacker Court is really not all that unique.  Foreclosed and abandoned properties litter this area of Old Louisville. Just in that area, the code enforcement officer has 603 open cases. This one just happens to have an attorney who lives nearby to join in the fight.

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