New details in investigation at suspected prostitution business

Woman busted in Jeffersonville prostitution rain on August 3 (Source; Clark County Jail)
Woman busted in Jeffersonville prostitution rain on August 3 (Source; Clark County Jail)

JEFFERSONVILLE, IN (WAVE) - What went on inside a Jeffersonville business right before a prostitution bust this month? New details come from court documents just filed against the five girls arrested as well as the search warrant Jeffersonville police got after undercover officers went into My Studio on 1501 August 3.

We already knew police say they found a 400-person long client list. Through those documents, we know what else they got and though much of it is too graphic to share, it paints a picture of an organized operation.

At first, the people inside didn't know they were letting a wave of undercover officers in the building.

Starting at about eleven o'clock on August 3, Jeffersonville police began their bust on what they told us shortly after they suspected was a prostitution ring posing as a spa.

"There were some things that they would advertise or that they would promote that kind of skirted the line where they would hint at what the business actually was," said Jeffersonville Detective Todd Hollis the day after the arrest.

According to court documents obtained by WAVE, undercover officers each asked the girls how much they made in tips and were told it varied.

One officer even said a girl who called herself Kaylee, but was actually Kristen Nakayama, said she couldn't do any "extra services" for a first time customer because he could be a cop.

The day after the arrest, Hollis said police had suspected the business was on the lookout.

"Our suspicions were confirmed that they may be able to identify our police officers by the fact that we found documentation that did identify our officers and identified undercover police vehicles," he said.

The documents say the officers agreed to pay between $40 and $200 for a variety of sexual acts. Then police swooped in.

Arrested were: Marisa Ruckel, 20, Abigail Perry, 21, Donna Liani, 23, Amanda Driskell, 22, and Nakayana, 19.

According to an application for a search warrant, police found a mail slot where girls dropped the money they made in envelopes marked with detailed information.

In a nearby office for Tri-State Distribution, which police believe was the business headquarters for the operation, the documents say they found a video monitor with a live feed from inside My Studio 1501 and business owners Ivan Deleon and Jeana Kaufman.

Police have yet to charge Deleon and Kaufman but say they expect to at the end of this investigation.

Court documents for the girls arrested, say they are now cooperating with the investigation.

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