4,000 names of alleged deadbeat parents released

Jefferson County Attorney Mike O'Connell
Jefferson County Attorney Mike O'Connell
Stephanie Ransom
Stephanie Ransom
Latasha Murphy
Latasha Murphy

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - If you are supposed to be paying child support and haven't, your name could be on a list. For the past five years, the Jefferson County Attorney's Office has issued a long list of parents who are delinquent in child support payments.

In Sunday's Courier Journal, a compiled list of so called "deadbeat parents" in black and white: their names, addresses, and amount of child support money they owe. The full list is over a hundred pages with nearly 4,000 names.

'It's really been a valuable tool," said Jefferson County Attorney Mike O'Connell.

O'Connell hopes the public can help them recover millions of dollars in back child support.

"Very often, people will read it and know the person, know the person doesn't live at the address we have and will call in," said O'Connell.

Single moms Stephanie Ransom and Latasha Murphy like the idea of a public plea.

"I have never, she will be nine in November I have never received a dime," said Ransom.

"The people who are behind like that, they need to catch 'em and put 'em behind bars," said Murphy.

"I hope it embarrass and humiliate them, cause you are deadbeat," said Ransom.

Some parents owe well over $100,000. O'Connell said since they started putting out the list his office has collected over $2 million. But the deadbeats are not all fathers, moms make up 7% of the list.

We tried to find Lisa Abernathy who allegedly owes more than $13,000. The last known address for Abernathy isn't right and her father, who was next door, couldn't give us much information about her whereabouts. We did get a hold of Abernathy by phone. She said she wasn't aware she owed that much money and that she lost her job. Abernathy said is working to pay the money back.

The County Attorney says Edward Eisenbeis, Jr. owes more than $122,000. WAVE 3 went to home address listed for Eisenbeis but no one answered.

We also tried to get in contact with Aric Dickerson. His mother told us he was behind bars. We found out Dickerson has been at Louisville Metro Corrections since August 13 accused of not paying child support.

When I asked his mother if she knew anything about him owing child support, his mother, "that's for him to tell you all, not me."

Dickerson was arrested after the list was drafted and before it was distributed.

To be on the list a delinquent parent has to meet certain criteria:

  • State Audited Cases
  • Obligor is not incarcerated
  • At least 12-month delinquency with no payment in last 6 months
  • No pending closure case
  • No SSI (disability) cases
  • Children reside in Louisville Metro

Call 574-0821 if you have location information for a person on the list. To view the list, click on the link below.

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