Retired LMPD officer calls constable involved shooting 'a wannabe'

Old mugshots of Tammy Oritz
Old mugshots of Tammy Oritz
David Whitlock
David Whitlock
Robert Chapman
Robert Chapman

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) – We are continuing to dig into the shooting at a Pleasure Ridge Park Walmart where a Jefferson County constable shot a woman he said was shoplifting.

Louisville Metro Police have remained tight lipped about the investigation. On Friday, we reported that Tammy Ortiz did not have any criminal history. Since then, we have found out Ortiz does have a lengthy criminal history under another name from her past.

Ortiz, who was formally known as Tammy Lee Jamian, was arrested in the past for various alleged crimes, including burglary, theft and prostitution. However she isn't the only one with a mug shot.

"He's an insult to the law enforcement community," said Robert Chapman, a retired sergeant with LMPD.

Chapman said he left Metro Police in June, but still has a case file against Constable David Whitlock from when he worked a case against him.

"He was investigated for a number of crimes," said Chapman. "Ultimately we charged him with receiving stolen property. We indicted him and he took an Alford plea."

Chapman said it was no shock to him when police were called out Wednesday to the Walmart in the 7100 block of Raggard Road, off the Greenbelt Highway in southwest Louisville after Whitlock shot Ortiz after a suspicion of shoplifting.

Whitlock was off duty at the time and claims he was asked by store security to stop Ortiz. That's when he says he ran after her in the parking lot while she was in her vehicle, and Ortiz ran over his foot, and Whitlock fired his handgun. Ortiz's attorney says his client was shot in the arm and face.

"He's nothing but a wannabe," said Chapman. "He is dangerous. He is, in my personal opinion, he's abused whatever personal power he's ever gotten."

"Whitlock didn't know she was Mother Teresa or Bonnie and Clyde. He shot her in the face," said Maury Kommor, Ortiz's attorney. "He's a cowboy who had no idea who he was shooting."

Kommor added that the crimes Ortiz was accused of were in her past and a majority had been dismissed. Her attorney also maintains Ortiz wasn't shoplifting on Wednesday.

We stopped by Ortiz's home, but there was no answer.

As for Whitlock, Chapman said because he is "an elected constitutional official" we are stuck with him.

"Regardless if they arrest him or not they have to impeach him from office from the Kentucky State Legislature and I'm afraid that won't happen," said Chapman.

We did contact Walmart's corporate office. Company officials said they have turned over surveillance video to LMPD and are helping them with the investigation. Walmart also said Whitlock was never hired by Walmart as an employee, but did do some work through a third party security firm during the holidays.

LMPD's Public Integrity Unit is continuing their investigation.

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