Security for your mobile device

Published: Jan. 18, 2012 at 9:41 PM EST|Updated: Jan. 18, 2012 at 10:05 PM EST
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(NBC) - By now, most of us know to have some type of virus protection on our computers. But what's the best way to protect the personal information on your mobile device? With a few million more mobile device users than there were just a few months ago the lack of security is scaring internet safety experts.

"Fewer than 5% of people have got some form of security on their mobile devices, but it's super critical," said Marian Merritt, a Norton online safety advocate.

But still surpassing the probability of someone hacking your smartphone or tablet is you losing it.

According to Merritt, 113 mobile phones are lost every minute in the United States. She suggests you start the new year by beginning with orr changing to a strong password. Then, Merritt says you should install security software.

"I just tell people 'look in the app store for some form of anti-theft security software," said Merritt.

Speaking of the app store, Dave Marcus at McAfee says there are a lot of fake apps out there and they all are intended to steal from you. One in particular looks like a harmless game but actually embeds a hidden texting charge in your monthly cellphone bill.

"Imbedded within that application will be an SMS charge, or some kind of premium service charge," said Marcus.

A problem with infected QR codes which are supposed to be scanned by mobile devices has also popped up.

"It may not be the fact that the QR code itself is infected so to speak but it takes you to a malicious sight or it downloads a malicious app," said Marcus.

Marcus recommends only clicking on QR codes that belong to a known advertiser or vendor. Those codes are least likely to be infected.

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