Local group watches Super Bowl to analyze the ads

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - For this year's Super Bowl, many people watched for the game, some watched to see Indianapolis in the national spot light, and others watched for that stuff in between the game:  the commercials.

To the group at the Gosselin's Louisville home Sunday night, the commercials are the Most Valuable Players of the Super Bowl.

When the game's on, the conversation's on in their home, but don't dare talk during a commercial.

"Look Big Boy's on fire," Susan Gosselin laughed during the Chevy Apocalypse commercial got rave reviews from the group.

All four people here have made a career in media and advertising.  They consider the Super Bowl ads to be a runway of spring fashions -- what we see here on the screen will set the tone for ads for the year to come.  For advertising exec Paul, the Kia ad strikes gold.

"I think it could be a game changer for Kia just because it makes that car look inspirational, it makes it look cool, and it certainly dramatizes the point that it's a fast car," Paul said.

Art Director Katie Walker gave high marks to a different car commercial: the one involving the tale of the Volkswagen and the dog.

"It wants to chase after it.  Needs a new lease on life and works really hard and who can't relate to trying to lose weight," Walker said.

And who couldn't raise a glass to these polar bears.

"They've tied into Coco Cola into football with the imagery that they're using," said Susan Gosselin.

Even GE's Appliance Park made the national spotlight.

"When that refrigerator ships out the door it's us," the commercial stated.

But among the ads that had this group scratching their head:  Pepsi.

"They put Elton John in the dungeon, I just can't get past it," Susan Gosselin said.

Then there's the E-trade ad, that might be just too much of a good thing, says this U of L Communications Professor.

"The Etrade product itself gets lost in the cuteness in this one," said John Ferre.

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