Proposal to outsource schools cleaning service postponed

SHEPHERSDVILLE, KY (WAVE) - TheSuperintendent of Bullitt County Schools has asked that his proposal tooutsource jobs be removed from the agenda for an upcoming board meeting.

SuperintendentKeith Davis recently announced he found a way to save the district $240,000 ayear by outsourcing the schools cleaning services.

Doing sowould result in about 80 custodians losing their jobs.

In anewsletter Saturday, Davis said he and the board have been inundated withe-mails, calls and social media comments asking that the board not consideroutsourcing.

Saturdaythe Kentucky Education Association hosted a meeting at the Fairfield Innlocated in Brooks, Kentucky, where those who would be affected came together tofight for their jobs.

Althoughthe outsourcing proposal will not be considered at the upcoming board meeting,Davis said that in the unlikely event a majority of the board members wish to reversethe decision, notification to the staff will be issued.

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