Man Arrested For Allegedly Attacking Middle School Students

By Craig Hoffman

(LOUISVILLE, March 12th, 2004, 6 p.m.) -- A man who police say has a long rap sheet is behind bars, but his actions have outraged parents. Errick Duncan stands accused of sexually attacking and preying on young children. WAVE 3's Craig Hoffman reports.

It had just turned dark on November 23, and a student was walking near Southern Middle School, on her way home. Police say that's when 28-year-old Errick Duncan attacked the young girl.

"He came up behind her, grabbed her said, 'I've got a gun, don't scream,'" says Louisville Metro Police Sgt. Steve Moran.

According to police reports, the suspect kidnapped the 14-year-old girl and sexually abused her. Detectives say he then took her behind the school, but off school property, and violated her again.

Parents we talked to say they find it hard to believe. "It disgusts me to think that this world has come to something like that," says parent Deborah Flaherty. "I didn't have these problems when I was in middle school and high school."

"I don't know how I would react," Daniel Smith says. "I probably wouldn't care about the justice system, I'd probably take things in my own hands."

Duncan was arrested Thursday after police say DNA linked him to the crime. Sgt. Steve Moran says so far three school aged-girls say Duncan also tried to approach them.

Sgt. Steve Moran says the girls would "be walking to school -- they go to Southern Middle, and most of them only live several blocks from the school. He'd be driving around in his vehicle, driving up, and ask them their names, where did they live, do you want to get in my car?"

Sgt. Moran says Duncan was out on parole when the little girl was attacked. Rape counselors find that disturbing.

Lynne Meyer with the Center for Women and Families says "we know that these are very difficult types of people to treat, so anytime that they're released and freed out in community and around people where they can perpetrate, it causes concern."

Duncan was also charged this week with soliciting a prostitute and drug trafficking.

Sex crimes detectives encourage anyone who may have been victimized by Duncan to call Louisville Metro Police.

Online Reporter: Domenica Davis

Online Producer: Michael Dever