WAVE 3 Editorial – March 20, 2012: Transportation Bill

By Ken Selvaggi
WAVE 3 Vice President and General Manager

Construction workers will be plenty busy the next few years if the House of Representatives follows the lead of the Senate and passes a transportation bill.

Economic growth depends on transporting people and goods quickly and effectively so the House needs to get on with it.

What is not needed is slowing down the process like the Senate did when seven amendments were introduced that had nothing to do with transportation, including one by Kentucky Senator Rand Paul to eliminate foreign aid to Egypt. All seven were shot down but it is needless to spend time having to take them up, especially when there were 23 other amendments that did actually focus on transportation issues.

The Senate version of the new transportation bill does provide more flexibility in how the money is spent and eases some processes to allow for more expedited approvals for projects. Both are positive and will hopefully be included in the House version and final version.

A quality transportation plan will drive a robust economic recovery and we hope this bill is soon sent to the President for signature.

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