Everything Thunder; To Work or Not to Work If your a Parent; Dick Clark's Kentuckiana Ties

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If you have questions about your weekend and Thunder Over Louisville we've got the answers!  It is the largest fireworks show in the country and some say with it comes some big headaches.  WAVE 3's Chris McGill  will help you navigate thru all the traffic and help you find the best parking space for the big show.  With WAVE 3's help, this year's trip home from Thunder over Louisville could be just as enjoyable as the show but much quicker.

Will there be thunder for Thunder Over Louisville?   WAVE 3 Chief Meteorologist Kevin Harned will give you a timeline for the day and for the exciting events that kick off the two weeks before Derby.  You will know what to wear and even which way the wind will blow….on both sides of the river.

A young New Albany woman is missing and in need of medication.  The Clark County Sheriff's Office is asking for your help to find her. Please join us to see her picture and for all the available details that may aid in her return.

If you actually had a choice, would you choose to be a working parent or a stay at home Mom or Dad?  What works for you may not work for someone else. We take a look at what some parents are calling the real question……"Does it pay to work, if you look at what it cost you?

It took over a month to get an arrest.  Today, the family of Trayvon Martin got an apology from the shooter.  They explain it's what George Zimmeran got today that has the family devastated.  We'll bring you the latest as the family and the accused step into the courtroom.

The entire nation has mourned the death of Dick Clark but it is Dick Clark's Kentuckiana tie that has one family really taking it to heart.  We join one family for their memories and their goodbye to the world's oldest teenager.

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