Boy calls 911 moments after he says mom shoots sister in head

JEFFERSONVILLE, IN (WAVE) – A chilling 911 call is released from a 10-year-old boy moments after police say his mom shot his sister in the head and then took her own life.

It happened in the Hallmark Apartments off of Allison Lane on April 5th.  
Police say the 8-year-old girl is out of the hospital and home recovering. She and her brother are staying with their aunt.
It was the brother that called 911 and we must warn you, some of these calls are disturbing. 

               Dispatch: What's going on?
               10-year-old boy: My mom shot my sister in the head. My mom's passed out. 
These are some of the first words, a 10-year-old boy told a dispatcher after police say 35-year-old Melissa Combs shot her 8-year-old daughter and then turned the gun on herself. During the call you can hear the brave boy checking on his sister. 

               10-year-old boy: No. No. No. Hold on. What's wrong?
               8-year-old girl: I hit my head. 
               10-year-old boy: And it started bleeding?
               8-year-old girl: There's blood.

Police say miraculously the little girl was alert and talking, not even realizing that she was shot in her sleep. Her brother, the only one not hurt in the house, immediately called 911. 

               10-year-old boy: My sister hit her head.
               My mom's passed out on the couch. She has a gun.               
               I have no clue what the crap she did, but I'm really scared.

Jeffersonville Police still aren't sure what led Combs to do this. A neighbor tells us she had recently lost her job. 

"I don't know her that well to know that she was depressed, but she was asking about a job and I told her to come on over and I was telling her I would try to give her the number to my job and help her out," said Shelly Cannon, who lived near Combs. 

"It's when those situations happen, we all just scratch our heads and say what caused that," said Dan Fox, president of Family and Children's Place, a non profit group that works with abused children.

He says many factors could have played a role in this violence, from psychological issues to family problems or financial stress.

"Folks can begin to feel a bit of desperation and hopelessness and often have very little support and they turn on their children and they turn on themselves," said Fox. 

But no matter the why, thankfully this brother was there to get his sister the help she needed.

              Police: How old are you?
              10-year-old: 10. 
              Police: You're 10? 
              10-year-old boy: Yes and my sister has a hole in her head. 
              Police: Your sister has a hole in her head?
              10-year-old boy: Yes and we don't got money to get her stitches. 
              Police: I'm sorry?
              10-year-old boy: We don't have money to get her stitches. 
              Police: Ok. Ok. 

The month of April is dedicated as Child Abuse Prevention month. In Kentucky you can report child abuse to 1-800-752-6200. In Indiana - 1-800-800-5556.

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