Yard work scammers; Mobile phone charges increase; Rain for the weekend?

Janelle MacDonald
Janelle MacDonald

Happy Thursday!

We're making our way to the weekend and working on lots of great stories today.  I hope you'll join Dawne Gee and me for WAVE 3 News at 5.

The grass is growing like a weed right now, but police have a warning for you before you hire a lawn service to take care of it.  WAVE 3's Elizabeth Donatelli is looking into the mistake that some people make that makes it easy for scammers to take advantage of them.

The new mayor of one Kentuckiana town is taking a serious look at a solution that was meant to slow down speeders, but some say is having unintended consequences for public safety.

And, mobile phone users might want to think twice about changing your phone.  One carrier plans on dramatically increasing the amount you pay for an upgrade.  We'll fill you in.

Plus, it's never too early to look forward to the weekend.  Chief Meteorologist Kevin Harned tells me there might be a chance for some rain.  He'll let us know if we're talking a washout or just a few showers.

We'll see you at 5:00!

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