Pit bull kills small dog, attacks owner


BARDSTOWN, KY (WAVE) – A small dog has died after a pit bull attacked it and its owner.

Bardstown Police say the owner had the pit bull on a chain in her backyard. They say the victim was just walking her small hound down an alley like she does all the time, when the tied up pit bull got loose. 

"I would say he is definitely dog or animal aggressive," said Laura Higgason, Humane Society of Nelson County. 

3-year-old Paco now finds himself in quarantine at the Humane Society after he attacked a neighborhood dog and its owner.

"It's important to remember this could be any large dog," said Higgason. "Any large dog could have done this."

Police say on Tuesday afternoon, a woman was walking her small hound in the alleyway behind 212 West Flaget Avenue when the pit bull broke free from its chain and went after the small dog. Major Adrian Ray Lewis says the owner of the small dog tried to free her pup, but then Paco attacked her. 

"She got several of her fingers mauled, as a matter of fact, her index finger looked really bad, like it was bitten off," said Lewis. 

She was also bitten on her arms and legs and rushed to a Louisville hospital. Her dog was taken to the vet, but passed away Wednesday morning. Police say even Paco's owner was doing everything she could to get her dog off of the small hound, Paco even bit her in the process. 

"Any type of a terrier that you have or any type of a large dog, even herding dogs, German Shepherds, you have to be careful," said Higgason. "Typically any of these dogs that have a high prey drive, you have got to watch them around other small animals, cats, small pets, small dogs, what not."

"This was just an accident, I think both parties are pretty upset," said Lewis. "The owners are upset and also the victim, but no charges are going to be filed."

What will happen to Paco is still undecided. He will be kept at the Humane Society for observation for ten days.

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