Mother Of 223rd Soldier Killed In Combat Doesn't Want His Sacrifice Forgotten

By Craig Hoffman

(LOUISVILLE, April 8th, 2004, 5 p.m.) --As more soldiers die in Iraq, more questions are raised about our military role there. Now the family of one fallen soldier is urging Kentuckiana residents not to forget the sacrifices that are being made. WAVE 3's Craig Hoffman reports.

Lynn Romans remembers it like it was yesterday -- getting word from the military that her son, 223rd Military Police Sgt. Darrin Potter, would not be coming home alive. She recently reflected on the loss of her son. "People say that time heals all ... I am not sure time heals all, you know? He was my son."

Sgt. Darrin Potter was killed last September in Iraq when his Humvee came under fire and overturned in a canal. Lynn doesn't want the public to forget her son's sacrifice, and she says understands the pain of another Louisville family. Lillian Rentschler learned her son, Platoon Sgt. George Scott Rentschler, was killed in battle Tuesday night when a rocket grenade hit his tank in Iraq.

They are two mothers whose sons paid the ultimate price. Lynn doesn't know the Rentschler family, but plans on paying tribute by attending his funeral.

"I think I read this was her only son ... Darrin was our only son. I think just a friend reaching out ... I've been there and want to say I feel what you are going through."

Lynn is reminding everyone that, now more than ever, our troops need everyone's support. "When we go into this, this is going to be war, and death is a part of that. Unfortunately, there are going to be casualties and sometimes that hits closer to some of us than a lot of others."

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