History uncovered; Death investigation; Hot holiday then a cool down

Janelle MacDonald
Janelle MacDonald

Finally Friday!

As I drove around tonight, I saw a lot of families who seem to be starting off the holiday weekend on a happy note.  I hope your plans include joining Scott Reynolds and me for WAVE 3 News at 11!

I also drove by something pretty cool … a perfectly preserved piece of history in Saint Matthews.  We'll tell you how the future helped uncover the past.

Plus, WAVE 3's Connie Leonard is talking to family members of the man who lived in the Old Louisville home where two people were found dead today.  She'll let you know what's happening as police try to unravel the mystery of how they got there.

WAVE 3 Chief Meteorologist Kevin Harned has more on the hot, hot, HOT weather you can expect for the holiday weekend … and when we can expect some cooler temperatures.

And, can I'll Have Another win the Triple Crown??? Only on WAVE 3 tonight will you hear about the Belmont from one of the most respected horse racing experts in Louisville.  Join WAVE 3 Sports Director Kent Taylor for Riders Up!

We'll see you after Dateline NBC at 11:00!

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