Bus rolls with elementary students inside; Hot air balloon hits power lines

Janelle MacDonald
Janelle MacDonald

It's a busy Wednesday evening!

We've got a lot going on so I hope you'll make plans to join me for WAVE 3 News at 11.

A tour bus carrying more than 50 people, many of them 6th graders from Cub Run Elementary School, flipped on its side on a Hart County road.  We've got crews at the scene and at the hospital tonight.

We're also in Clark County tonight, where three people were hurt when a hot air balloon hit a power line.

And, WAVE 3's Connie Leonard is trying to figure out what happened in Oldham County when at least two cars were shot traveling down I-71.  She's talking to some people who live nearby who are understandably concerned.

Plus, a mother and a newborn were inside their home when police say a man broke in and tried to stash his drugs.  You'll hear from that woman about what was going through her head as it happened.

We'll see you after Law & Order: SVU tonight for WAVE 3 News at 11!

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