Children left in hot car outside courthouse

Tabbatha Moseley (Source: Bullitt County Detention Center)
Tabbatha Moseley (Source: Bullitt County Detention Center)
Joseph Smith (Source: Bullitt County Detention Center)
Joseph Smith (Source: Bullitt County Detention Center)

BULLITT COUNTY, KY (WAVE) – A mother and her friend have been charged after leaving two children unattended in a hot car.

According to Detective Scotty McGaha, around 9 a.m. Wednesday a woman in the Bullitt County courthouse parking lot noticed the 8-year-old and 15-month-old in the car and flagged down a deputy.

The mother of the children, Tabbatha Moseley, 28, of Shepherdsville, came out and told the deputy that she had gone into the courthouse to use the restroom.

Moseley's friend, Joseph Smith, 22, had also left the car for an unknown reason.

Both the children were unharmed. It is unclear how long they were left in the car.

Detective McGaha says it was about 85 degrees outside when the two kids were discovered alone in the car.

"My cruiser has a slight tint on the windows and even on lunch time when I  went to get in it, the heat exceeds way above what the temperature is outside so it's extremely dangerous," Detective McGaha said.

Moseley and Smith are being charged with wanton endangerment.

Smith also faces a charge of failure to notify the Department of Transportation of an address change.

The two are expected in court Thursday morning.

Moseley's father says that she is a good mother who wouldn't hurt her children. He adds that she is a recent college graduate and an Air Force veteran.

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