A Kentucky mailbox could not take the heat

The melted mailbox.
The melted mailbox.

LEXINGTON, KY (WAVE) - A plastic mailbox in Lexington actually melted as it, too, suffered from the recent oppressive heat. The post got so hot it could no longer sustain the weight of the mailbox, causing it to bend toward the ground.

It had the neighborhood mystified. One nearby resident, Rodney Thacker, said "Everybody over here thought it was metal. We all came over here and touched it. It was all plastic, kind of gooey. I just want to know how the mailman is going to get that one."

According to the owner of the mailbox, Matt Oatley, the mailman made no plans to leave the mail. Oatley says he was informed that mail will not be delivered until it is fixed.

Oatley says he noticed the post starting to lean a while ago, but it hit the ground recently. He said there are other plastic mailbox posts on his street, but they are just fine.

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