Man exonerated of murder still waiting for arrest of real killer

Kerry Porter
Kerry Porter
Jerome Camp
Jerome Camp

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Just over six months after his release from prison and being exonerated of murder, Kerry Porter said he is still waiting for Tyrone Camp's real killer to be arrested.
The last time WAVE 3 talked to Porter in December, he was finally standing face to face with Jerome Camp. Porter was convicted of killing Camp's twin brother, Tyrone. Porter had just been released from prison after nearly 15 years and cleared of any responsibility in the crime. Six months later Porter said he's still adjusting to daily life.

"I'm struggling with bills and everything else, dental bill, eye bill," said Porter. "I need glasses. I don't really have a place to stay on my own. I'm still staying with my mother and my sister."

Porter said what he notices more than anything is the way his neighborhood has changed with new buildings and roads. It reminds him of all the jobs he missed out on in his trade as a bricklayer when he was behind bars.

"I still haven't found employment in bricklaying," said Porter. "I guess the economy is bad and everything."

As hard as that is, Porter said the toughest part after all this time being free is that no one else is being held responsible for Tyrone Camp's murder.

"It's troubling because I did all this time and the persons that may have did this haven't been indicted or otherwise," said Porter. "It's just very troubling. It messes with my mental a whole lot."

Jerome Camp is waiting too.

"My understanding was when Kerry got released that they had a suspect in place and there still ain't been no arrests yet," said Camp.

Camp said the detectives dealing with his brother's case tell him they are still waiting on DNA results and since they charged the wrong man the first time around, they want to make sure everything is in line before they arrest the right one. Jerome Camp says those people are his brother's wife and her boyfriend.

For the police and the courts, Jerome Camp said he has one message.

"Take your time," said Camp. "Do it right, so we won't have the same mistake again."

Camp added that both he and Porter can never truly move forward with their lives until that arrest happens.

WAVE 3 did contact the Commonwealth's Attorney office to find out where Tyrone Camp's case stands on their end, but they have not yet responded.

Porter was freed in part to the Innocent Project. To learn more about their work, click here. To learn more about how you can help support Porter, you can contact:

Kentucky Innocence Project
100 Fair Oaks Lane
Ste. 301
Frankfort, KY 40601
Phone: 502-564-3948

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