Tragedy in Colorado on the minds of Louisville moviegoers

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) – Louisville Metro Police officers were stationed at Tinseltown all night on Friday, which is pretty standard for the weekends, but LMPD has increased their rounds at all the local theaters after the shooting massacre in Colorado.

With a packed parking lot, it appeared to be a typical night at Tinseltown and tickets went fast for one of the most anticipated movies of year, "The Dark Knight Rises".

"It was the best movie and if you don't see anything else this summer, you've got to see this movie," said Theresa Wooldridge.

But it wasn't hard to find out that the mass shooting in Colorado was in back of the minds of a lot of moviegoers. "It makes me think that sometimes things going through my head like that, they really can happen, so it's a little bit scary, but we decided to go ahead and tough it out and go enjoy the movie anyway," said Portia Zipperlein.

"I think I felt a little guilty because I thought he I'm going to do something enjoyable and yet all these people who were doing the same thing," said Wooldridge.

While many say they were thinking about the tragedy, they weren't necessary scared to go to the movies. "I think it's ok," said Roger Ouch. "I'm pretty confident and I don't think it would happen here today."

"You know that it could happen, so it's a little bit scary, but we wanted to go ahead and enjoy it, we still planned on seeing the movie," said Zipperlein.

"We can't let one person hold us hostage," said Wooldridge. "We just can't. Once you start giving in to a little bit of fear then they've won."

More than anything, their thoughts are with their victims and their families. For many it's just another reminder of how fragile life is.

"What a tragedy and what a disappointment for our country," said Wooldridge.

The nation's second largest movie theater chain, AMC, announced it will no longer allow people to wear costumes or face-covering masks into its theater as a safety precaution. While there are no AMC's  locally, the chains can be found in central Indiana and Cincinnati.

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