Mother starts petition after son is hit by alleged drunk police officer

Joseph Pence
Joseph Pence
Teresa Ann Phillips
Teresa Ann Phillips

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) – The mother of a man hit by an accused drunk Louisville Metro Police Department officer, has set up a petition in hopes of getting him removed from the police force.

It happened back on July 22. Police said while officer Joseph Pence was off duty, he got into a fight with Jason Taylor, 24,  near the intersection of Bashford Manor and Bardstown Road. Taylor's mother, Teresa Ann Phillips, said she believes Pence was actually mad at a man in another car. 

"So it didn't even involve my son what-so-ever at all," said Phillips. "The officer evidently got into with his friend who was in the car behind him."

Once the three cars pulled over near Goldsmith Lane, that's when Phillips believes the men starting fighting.

"All Jason's seen was that somebody was jumping his friend, so of course he is going to go to his defense," said Phillips.

That's when it is believed Pence got back in his car and allegedly hit Taylor while driving. "He actually did hit my son and when he hit him on impact he went up against a windshield," said Phillips.
Police said Pence smelled strongly of alcohol and according to court documents his blood alcohol content was more than twice the legal limit. Phillips said what bothers her the most is that an ambulance wasn't called right away. She claims Pence first called for police back-up.  

"That's what makes me so mad, it could have turned a whole lot worse depending on how he hit him with the car," said Phillips. 

She decided to set up a petition on Facebook in hopes Pence will be eventually fired. "My son could be dead right now and I take it seriously and I want him off the police force," said Phillips. "I really do."

Pence is a third year officer in the second division. Since his arrest, he has been placed on administrative leave and has been reassigned to desk duties. His future is still up in the air as this investigation continues. 

For more information on Phillips' petition, click here. 

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