Police looking for man who attacked woman leaving bar

A sketch of the suspect (Source: Bloomington Police)
A sketch of the suspect (Source: Bloomington Police)

BLOOMINGTON, IN (WAVE) – Bloomington police are looking for a man who attacked  a woman who was leaving the same bar where Lauren Spierer was last seen.

The 21-year-old woman was walking home from Kilroy's Bar early Monday morning when a man approached her.

She said he asked for directions and stepped in front of her.

The woman told police the man pulled her hair and tried to force her to the ground, pulling down her leggings and underwear. At that point, she sprayed pepper spray into his eyes and managed to get away.

Police released a sketch of what they man may look like. Police said the man may have purple stains on his skin and red irritated eyes from the pepper spray.

The woman found a couple walking in the area who helped her call police.

In 2011, Kilroy's Bar was cited for not only serving alcohol to Spierer, 20, the night she disappeared, but also allowing her to remain inside the business.

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