'Obama Bop' causing controversy in mom and pop shop

Published: Sep. 6, 2012 at 10:32 PM EDT|Updated: Sep. 13, 2012 at 10:32 PM EDT
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Jen Pellerin
Jen Pellerin
Samantha Griffith
Samantha Griffith
Kenneth Stout
Kenneth Stout

MT WASHINGTON, KY (WAVE) – An item at a Mount Washington hardware store is offending some customers, while others say it is no big deal.

Jen Pellerin and Samantha Griffith were stunned by a new product at their local hardware store.

"I stood there, and the guy said can I help you, and I said…..I was kind of speechless," said Griffith.

The product is called the Obama Bop, and has some customers ready to fight.

"It's a bruised face and he looks like he's been beat up, and a big sign that says twenty dollars," explained Pellerin who said despitet views people should show respect, "If you have different views than the president that is in office, it is the office of the President of the United States, you have to show some respect."

The owner of Stouts Building Center Kenneth Stout said the item is not a political statement, "It's just a good comical item, and that's all it is, it doesn't pick one political candidate over another."

When asked when he would get Romney Bops, Stout replied, "They are not available, they didn't make those."

Regardless of who is right, both lost this bout. Pellerin said, "As a business owner you lose 50 percent of your base, as you lost me this morning."

Griffith agreed, "Before this moment, I was being supportive of a local business, after this moment, I'm basically voting with my dollars."

Stout said the items were never meant to offend, "If we offended them we're sorry, we didn't intend to offend anyone.  It's a product to sell in a retail store.  I don't think there's an apology necessary, because we are not taking sides on one political candidate over another, it was the only one we could purchase and that's the one we purchased."

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