Lost engagement ring found by Good Samaritan thanks to Craigslist

Published: Sep. 7, 2012 at 6:13 PM EDT|Updated: Oct. 22, 2012 at 8:04 PM EDT
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Nikki's ring.
Nikki's ring.
Nikki Russell
Nikki Russell
The ad for the missing ring on Craigslist.
The ad for the missing ring on Craigslist.
The stadium where the ring was lost.
The stadium where the ring was lost.

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Anyone who has ever lost a piece of jewelry, knows how upsetting it is. For a bride to be to lose an engagement ring, saying it's devastating is an understatement. That's what happened to a local woman.

Nikki Russell and Rex Edwards are diehard CATS fans. Just like many at Sunday's CARDS and CATS game at Papa John's Cardinal Stadium, they were tailgating.

"My boyfriend and I met through football and we both have a passion for football," said Nikki Russell.

On Sunday, it was pouring down rain. Even so, Rex thought after three years of dating it would be the perfect setting to pop the question..

"I was messing with some Hors d'oeuvres at our table and I turned around and he was literally on one knee and proposed to me," said Nikki.

Of course, Nikki said yes! Snapped a picture sporting her blue nail polish and ring, even CARDS fans were thrilled for her.

"I walked around showing everybody whether they wanted to see it or not," said Nikki.

Nikki fell in love with her princess cut ring.  It was the most beautiful ring she had ever seen and the best day of her life until..

"When we got home I looked down and the ring was missing," said Nikki.

Nikki was fully panicked, checking pockets, checking the car, looking everywhere. The ring wasn't quite sized to fit her and somewhere during the game, it slipped off. Her brand new $8,000 ring was gone.

"The crying started and it lasted 187 hours," said Nikki. "I couldn't deal with the fact that I had lost something that I knew not because it was a material object, we still had each other, we had our kids, we had such a great life together. But, he had spent so much time picking it out and waiting for the perfect occasion."

Nikki immediately filed a police report, kept checking campus security, even called pawn shops. On Wednesday, she went on Craigslist posting an ad offering a $500 reward.

"I'm going to say within 10 minutes of posting it I got a phone call," said Nikki.

That phone call came from Marilyn Patterson.

"I was like oh my God, honey it's her we have to call her right now," said Marilyn.

Marilyn was also at Sunday's game and noticed something sparkly out of the corner of her eye near Gate 1, it was Nikki's ring. She knew whoever was missing it, lost it on accident.

"I knew someone was completely freaking out, as I would have been," said Marilyn.

Marilyn filed a report with U of L and checked Craigslist several times a day. On Wednesday, she saw Nikki's ad.

They met up and Nikki's ring is now back on her hand. As for the reward,"I was not interested in the reward," said Marilyn. "I just hoped someone would do the same thing for me if I was in that situation."

Nikki believes it was a miracle that her ring was found and the fact that it was found by an honest person is a blessing.

"I don't think it's anything heroic or anything like that," said Marilyn. "I just if everybody by the do onto others rule I think the world would be a better place."

What's also interesting is that Marilyn is a U of L fan, she says she isn't holding that against Nikki. Now the two hope to keep in touch in the future.
Nikki says she got her ring insured immediately and advises all women to do so. She and her fiancee haven't set a wedding date just yet.

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