Father of teen charged with friend's murder speaks out

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE)- A 17-year-old girl is dead and another 17-year-old is behind bars charged with murder. It happened Saturday evening in the 2200 block of Peaslee Road in Shively. WAVE 3 spoke to the suspect's father, John Robinson, Jr. Sunday, Robinson described what he saw inside his home Saturday night.

"I found Darnishia laying on the kitchen floor. My son said he had tried to save her. Tried to help her," Robinson said. "A lot of blood and I found her with a knife in her hand."

Robinson said he called 911. Police responded around 9:20pm Saturday night to the home on Peaslee Road. Seventeen-year-old Darnishia Peoples was found stabbed and taken to University Hospital where she died.

According to police, a preliminary report by the medical examiner's office says the victim died as a result of multiple sharp force injuries to the body.

"Darnisha's family, I just want to say 'I with this never happened. I don't know why it happened. My prayers are with you," Robinson said.

Robinson said his son and Peoples used to date but were currently just friends.

"The only thing I know, there were some text messages about her trying to kill herself or was going to end her life. That's what happened last night," Robinson said.

Police arrested Robinson's 17-year-old son and charged him with murder.

"Police said that she had some wounds on her back. That were unable to be afflicted by her," Robinson said. WAVE 3 asked Robinson if he believed his son was responsible for Peoples' death in any way. "No," Robinson replied. "He's not that kind of child. No. He wanted to help her. He was not trying to hurt her. He was trying to help her."

Kathy Wheatley lives a few doors down from Robinson.

"It doesn't really surprise me to be honest with you, because there's so much going on now in the world," she said. "I just feel really bad and sorry for the girl and the family."

The suspect is being held at the Jefferson County Youth Detention Center. He is facing 1 count of murder.

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