Hearing impaired dog attack victim released from hospital

Shirley Sturgeon
Shirley Sturgeon

CLOVERPORT, KY (WAVE) – A Breckinridge County woman who was attacked by a dog is now out of the hospital.

Shirley Sturgeon still has months of healing and rehabilitation, but surgeons are 95 percent sure they can save her hand and arm.

Cloverport police said the August 27 attack was unprovoked. Sturgeon, who lives in an adult care facility, was walking to a friend's home. When she turned the corner, the dog's lead line failed and the pit bull went after her.

Witnesses had to swing a bat to release the dog from the hearing impaired woman's arm.

Sturgeon's brother Robert Boone told WAVE 3 on September 1, "The dog probably took three-fourths of her arm and right below the shoulder. Then, another huge chunk out of her wrist and forearm. Her wrist is broken. Eventually, they'll insert screws in her wrist to help the healing process."

Cloverport police cited and fined the dog's owner for having a vicious animal and not keeping it confined.

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